@detondev @inscript jack is the Unix software philosophy in pro audio. all the ugly details of sound card settings are exposed, and simplicity of implementation is priority, not ease or familiarity.

once it's in place and its limitations are internalized, it turns every program into an optional feature of every other program.

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@technomancy today I learned that narthex (the entrance to a church, inside the walls but not part of the "church" proper), is derived from the greek word for giant fennel. seems like a good project name.

@luka hahahaha I don't even want to know, I'll just pretend this is true ❤️ I love you

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"During his lifetime, Sacher-Masoch was well known as a man of letters, in particular a utopian thinker who espoused socialist and humanist ideals in his fiction and non-fiction. Most of his works remain untranslated into English. Until recently, his novel Venus in Furs was his only book commonly available in English, but an English translation by William Holmes of Die Gottesmutter was released in 2015 as The Mother of God."


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@luka @technomancy even my girlfriend, if you figured out who it really ws

@luka @technomancy can assure you I am either a very good person or scarily good at faking it

@luka you can ask me yes or no questions and I would protect you

@luka even if that's fake it's worth acting like you believe in it 😍

@luka s/rumors/conspiracies/g

s/conspiracies/many \1/g

@luka the algorithm:

"a" has a guilty secret - some mistake

"b" introduces a noise element

as a kicked bell sounds like a bell, "a" hears their own guilt as if a threat

"a" optionally defensively warns, then spreads a rumor about "b"

"b" spreads a rumor or extorts a payout from "a"

members of the group defensively take sides

congratulations, two baby rumors

@luka I am happy to answer more questions after I go back to sleep, I was kept up by someone snoring and flashing lights so I'm a bit loopy

@luka thus a love conspiracy is an innoculation against hate

and is derived from compassion, fear on behalf of the well-being of strangers, and the ability to admit you are wrong

@luka as with the biological, the information is enough to reproduce the "virus", given an available host

@luka is sufficient for it to exist, even if an entire cell is lost

@luka the idea of a love conspiracy, which protects the weakest foremost, and listens and learns and shares

@luka the only way to bootstrap ou from conspiracy is via ignorance then goodwill then listening and sharing with compassion

@luka blackmail is so simple, dogs know how to do it

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