the love conspiracy only scares you for your own good

@luka incomplete knowledge plus noise make conspiracy inevitable

@luka blackmail is so simple, dogs know how to do it

@luka the only way to bootstrap ou from conspiracy is via ignorance then goodwill then listening and sharing with compassion

@luka the idea of a love conspiracy, which protects the weakest foremost, and listens and learns and shares

@luka is sufficient for it to exist, even if an entire cell is lost

@luka as with the biological, the information is enough to reproduce the "virus", given an available host

@luka thus a love conspiracy is an innoculation against hate

and is derived from compassion, fear on behalf of the well-being of strangers, and the ability to admit you are wrong

@luka I am happy to answer more questions after I go back to sleep, I was kept up by someone snoring and flashing lights so I'm a bit loopy

@luka the algorithm:

"a" has a guilty secret - some mistake

"b" introduces a noise element

as a kicked bell sounds like a bell, "a" hears their own guilt as if a threat

"a" optionally defensively warns, then spreads a rumor about "b"

"b" spreads a rumor or extorts a payout from "a"

members of the group defensively take sides

congratulations, two baby rumors

@luka s/rumors/conspiracies/g

s/conspiracies/many \1/g

@noisesmith that's a kind of operating system that is too alien to me. i (would) direct attention elsewhere asap despite compassion (which always persists regardless)

@luka you can ask me yes or no questions and I would protect you

@luka @technomancy can assure you I am either a very good person or scarily good at faking it

@luka @technomancy even my girlfriend, if you figured out who it really ws

@noisesmith seems it has a lot to do with a "healthy" ego (owning your mistakes and emotions, self-reflexivity, responsibility for your actions) as a foundation and ability to listen and tune-in maximally to environment as extension. All this is wrapped in activist almost guerilla package/movement where some are 'in the know' and conspire for world domination by love, and some just don't get it until they are subconsciously overwhelmed with love from the outside.

@luka even if that's fake it's worth acting like you believe in it 😍

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