project plug: contact me if you want to be part of a free software conversationalist anti-hierarchic no secrets coding club

no secret agenda, no drama, just public joy in the free, the surreal, and weird scary art that comes from love not fear

I just thought of it and I think it would be fun, I do it now and would enjoy having enough structure to make a collaboration last, let's decide what that looks like?


think fsf meets merzbow meets pure liberation and the joy of ideas

@nigeldgreen @liaizon @gavcloud @technomancy I'd be flattered if I could get any of your valuable time and attention on this too

@noisesmith @nigeldgreen @gavcloud @technomancy what does this club look like? a website? just people talking to eachother? need more clarity as to what your idea is.

@liaizon @nigeldgreen @gavcloud @technomancy maybe it's flakey to do this but I wanted to start with that as a first question

first draft proposal: video chat on jitsi to ask each other questions about software and art that we consider productive and condusive to joy and autonomy

@noisesmith @liaizon @gavcloud @technomancy

When you're chasing autonomy and artistic joy, nothing is flaky. I've certainly got thoughts on software and art but not sure how fully formed any of it is, I just know it's been too long without collaborating on *something* and this really got my interest.

@nigeldgreen @liaizon @gavcloud @technomancy I've had collaboration like this in the past, grew a lot, and crave having it again

@liaizon @nigeldgreen @gavcloud @technomancy
some coc ideas:
no racism / sexism / homophobia / transphobia
no trolling
empathy required but no manipulation tolerated
no conspiracy theories

@noisesmith @liaizon @nigeldgreen @technomancy i am open to this. music and file management have been my main obsessions lately.

@noisesmith @liaizon @nigeldgreen @technomancy so for me nnn comes to mind, learning to navigate/manipulate the file system using it, as well as hooking it through lftp for some basic interactions with servers. happy to share what I know on this front.

@noisesmith @liaizon @nigeldgreen @gavcloud @technomancy I'm glad 'no drama' doesn't mean 'quasi no politics - unreflected ideologies'. I'd like to support this effort.

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