resuscitating the git repo where I kept the latex for my resume, and trying to relearn just enough latex to make this stupid thing compile again

oh fun, seems like I'm not the only one using these latex classes whose resume latex broke under newer debian versions - maybe I should start with a vanilla usage that works today and move my customization in...

resume bitrot, SMH

OK, it feels good to resolve this, but the fact that this was ever an issue makes me wonder if I ever knew what I was doing. Added Makefile and README and TODO for the next time...

@noisesmith I highly recommend learning plain TeX instead of LaTeX if you want to attempt to make things that last.

More recently, I've been making sure things I typeset in tech can be compiled in KerTeX: It's really the most sane TeX distribution I've come across. Also, it's built with the long-term usage in mind.

@icedquinn @noisesmith

The issue with TeX distributions isn't really stability (TeX is quite stable), but longevity.

KerTeX is pretty much Knuth's original TeX distribution. Knuth's distribution gets updated very slowly, and is sensitive to backwards compatibility. As a result, pretty much all the TeX code in in the TeXbook still works exactly the same, three decades later. (Admittedly, this is not as true with METAFONT and the METAFONT book).

@paul @noisesmith context has also barely had any major revisions AFAIK.

i played with it a little. it's not popular (for some reason) but there was commentary on how basically everything people have latex packages for, context has already figured out and done for 5+ years :blobcatgoogly:

@icedquinn @noisesmith Interesting. I'll give it a gander at some point. Any idea how hard it is to compile from source?

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