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where are the movies about autistic polyamorous transbian programmers

trying and failing to find the Ratkje movie, "Voice" for purchase or even just to watch

if you listen and it isn't dissonant, we have established that intervals are a shorthand for crafting harmony and can't determine or explain it

it's a massive fuck you from psychoacoustics to traditional music theory

listening to Folke Rabe / What?? over and over, imprinting the conceptual clarity onto my soul

after a lifetime of making harsh noise, I've been learning proper music

my landlord came by and happened to hear me playing the first Bach cello suite in viola, and she volunteered that it sounded good

it's a strange new thing to make music that random strangers actually enjoy

I'm still doing the noise thing, but the contrast is interesting

using sentimental methods to escape sentiment, and it probably wasn't even the right goal in the first place

of course it's likely that any one of those would have led me out, if I'd focused longer or worked harder (oh . look . another romantic notion)

strategizing ways out of the romantic trap

I've tried using disenchanted tools and methods (software, mathematical process)

I've tried removing ego / effort (playing a physical instrument without regard to skill, just making sound)

I've tried diving into craft (daily scales, playing bach)

I've removed intention (recording inanimate physical processes dispassionately)

of course each of these has its own romance / conceptual payload


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