1.1 is officially out!

I'm super excited about the new features & changes, but I spent all night writing up the patch notes, so I'll have to talk more about it tomorrow!

For now:

@nashhigh Holy cow this looks fun! :) I'll be having a go after work :)

@nashhigh wow! I didn’t know Pebble. I’m reading the guide and it seems to be very nice. Goin to download it on Mac today. Does it work properly on M1 chip?

@ast Hopefully! I unfortunately don't own a Mac to test it on, but I've had friends try it on their Macs for previous builds & it seemed to go okay for them. If you run into any problems, please let me know!

@nashhigh ok. I’m tryin today. I’ll notice you about. Thank you

@nashhigh it doesn’t work on MacBookAir M1. It says “file is corrupted”. Maybe is something wrong on the release. But I can’t be sure. Later I try on a standard Mac Intel

@ast aaaa, oh no! Okay. I'll look into it today after work too.

@ast I did some reading and it seems like the problem might be that I'm not able to properly sign the macOS executable, so the OS doesn't trust the program. I'm looking into whether I can work around this, but I might need to actually build it on a mac to make it work nicely, which would be tricky to figure out x_x

@nashhigh Ok man. Anyway it would be great if one day you’ll be able to do it

@ast Well, none of my hacky workarounds worked, so I'm stuck. Maybe someday I can pick up a cheap used mac, or work with someone who can build for macOS properly.

If you really want to try Pebble, I think there's a way for you to remove the quarantine on the file & run it. This screenshot is from a guide on Godot's (the engine I'm working in) website.

Otherwise, my apologies that it doesn't work, and thanks for letting me know about it! I didn't even realize my mac builds were not running.

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