One of my big wishes for in 2022 and beyond is to see more actual collaboration. There's way too much customer-vendor relationship between developers and users these days and I think it's one of the reasons for the many developer burnouts we've seen lately. I myself burnt out because of this quite a few times in the past few years because of the bombardment of demands from people that are not following by the same amount of commitment. More do-ocracy and less customer service please.


is a communal responsibility is what I'm trying to say.

@madskjeldgaard hell yeah!

imo the proplem mainly resides in the gap between the nerds having enough basic knowledge to start helping and those who are simply overwhelmed by even the thought of bits, bytes or variables

i blame public education: while they *should* educate computing they mostly educate in using corporate bullshit bloatware (M$ office et al)
people get dumber by the second and are rendered helpless if they cannot click their ways to their goals

hopefully this changes eventually

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