Hello everyone. My name is Mads (pronounced with a silent D). I am a Danish composer living in Norway. I write computer music and develop software and spend too much time tinkering with Linux and open source software projects. I work part time at the Norwegian Centre for Technology and Arts (aka NOTAM) in Oslo where I develop software, electronics and 3D audio for art projects of all kinds.

@madskjeldgaard welcome to ! really glad to meet you! especially since you are working on computer music and linux and work at notam. looking forward to see what you're working on (and other life stuffs you encounter on the way)


Wir verzeihen dir alles!

Der Kaffee ist zweimal linksrum um die Ecke, Tee, Kekse und Cola gibt es auch, außerdem alkoholfreies Weißbier.
Die Lunchliste ist da auch ausgelegt...

@madskjeldgaard welcome to the fediverse! really lovey to see so many interesting folks joining lately!

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