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#OtD 2 Aug 1944 4,000 Roma people in Auschwitz resisted being taken to the gas chambers. They armed themselves with sticks and crowbars, and barricaded the doors, women in particular fighting the SS with hands and nails. They were overcome and murdered.

Borrowed my first book in the Internet Archive’s Lending Library today.

Edges, ed. by Ursula K. Le Guin and Virginia Kidd

—of disaster too great to believe
—of a captured quantum creature

—of a lover never known
—of a sweetheart forever lost

—to the last days of a dying empire
—to the land of lust and lost gods
—to an awesome world of earth and sky”

#introductions #demoscene hi there! this is the mastodon presence for the #demoparty Field-FX. Follow us for news about the party in a field at #emfcamp, as well as demoshows and demoscene news.

More soon!

I'm doing an invited talk at the psychology of programming annual workshop 6th Sept

*Live coding and the 'what-if' paradigm*
Live coding is an 'end-user programming' community of musicians and other performing artists, which has developed rather separately from the world of software engineering over the past 20 years. As a result, it has some peculiarities. In particular, improvisation is strongly promoted across the community, supported through technological developments such as pure functional reactive programming, in-code visualisation, and algorithmic approaches to pattern-making informed by heritage practices. Through this talk, I'll try to argue that this improvisatory approach offers a third paradigm in programming, combining the 'what' of declarative programming, and the 'how' of imperative programming, to offer an alternative: 'what if?' I'll try to sketch out the difference, why it's needed, and how we might support its development. In the end, the question is how such a formal, explicit approach to notation as computer programming can help us explore what we know, but can't explain.

bandcamp new tax form 

I couldn't not finish on the last page because I wrote my (current) login email as the form state like that. Until I entered the email used for PayPal account. this allowed me to finish the form.

to say that again, on the last page of that tax form for Bandcamp - I guess - you must enter your PayPal address (I'm not sure, perhaps we entered the same email when we created the first account [onboarding process?] - which is the same as our PayPal but not anymore)

The extraordinary What I Believe by J.G. Ballard, part prose-poem, part secular prayer.

First published in French in Science Fiction #1 (ed. Daniel Riche), in January 1984, the original English manuscript was reprinted in English in Interzone, #8, Summer 1984.

sending bandcamp download codes to patrons on :patreon:

2022 - 2023 Project Jonah Marine Mammal Medic Course dates announced:

Auckland - Saturday 17 September
Auckland - Sunday 18 September
New Plymouth - Saturday 15 October
Whanganui - Sunday 16 October
Christchurch - Saturday 12 November
Kaikoura - Sunday 13 November
Wellington - Saturday 3 December

Golden Bay - Saturday 25 February
Nelson - Sunday 26 February
Tauranga - Saturday 18 March
#ProjectJonah #MarineMammal #Whale #Dolphin #Orca #NewZealand

get ready for
soon degrowth
will be sold
back to us
in neat littly
artsy packages
at the international
chain of shops

“Life is a bridge. Cross over it, but build no house on it.”

– Bruce Chatwin

[from The Songlines, 1987]

(Re)Introduction/ Asking for support 

Hello everyone! I'm a Brazilian composer and music student. Recently I received the news that I was granted with a full scholarship to do a Master's degree in China (at Nanjing University of the Arts). Unfortunately the scholarship doesn't cover the flight from Brazil to China and even saving money and working hard I can't afford it. So, as a last resort, I decided to ask for support here. Any kind of support is welcomed: donations, jobs, etc. Details below >>

thanks to :patreon: patrons and other supporters on Bandcamp

it is based on fm synthesis, spans some idm/experimental electronic genres, is libre and open source, and free to download/stream (name your price).



"Cryptocurrency proponents often invoke the “freedom” that we will supposedly gain by decoupling currency from the state. Yet of the various organs of government, I, personally, am much more likely to have my freedom unjustly impinged upon by the County Sheriff than the County Recorder of Deeds. This is true for all of us who did not luck into fortune, yet it’s the inverse for the Peter Thiels of the world. Whose freedom are they talking about?"


🇫🇷 Comme d'hab on ne peut qu'être émerveillés par les illustrations du #framablog par @davidrevoy

🇬🇧 As always we can only be amazed at the illustrations by @davidrevoy in the #framablog

visit to the vet so far showed nothing of significant importance.

this 16 year old doggo is quite a miracle. as the doc said - gene lottery. she's very much alive.

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