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difficult brain times lately...
so i made some acid... its a musical happy place, one i can spend hours in, just kinda floating inside it with myself

... arrived safely to a hotel near Strasbourg. again with a van transporting stage scenography, ha! we are on our way to Paris, where we'll arrive tomorrow. two runs of Sad Sam Lucky solo by Matija Ferlin and music by yours truly in CND, Pantin. I have some time Monday and Tuesday. any record-shop recommendations in ?
:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

til luciano berio did beatles arrangements, i guess a bunch of composers did in the 60s and 70s (toru takemitsu for guitar, cathy berberian commissioned louis andriessen for a few). berio's "michelle ii" sounds the most like usual berio (kinda reminds me of his "folk songs") but i think "ticket to ride" stands out the most, orchestrationally kinda reminds me of bach brandenburg cto 2 bc of the trumpet (although the instruments def don't operate the same way here)

"It is apparent that we shall get no farther this way."

(Arnold Schönberg, Theory of Harmony, 1921)

ukpol, assange 

devastating news. i feel sick.

Queer update: As usual, I'm feeling genderlessly queer.

@42GB I don't listen to podcasts much but i'm very interested in this guy's work on organic computers and study of electrical signalling in fungal cells. he claims to have documented an electrical language of around 60 words in mycelial structures and his team recently claimed to have implemented boolean circuits in mycelium, so i'm very curious how to reproduce this, and i've been thinking about how to make a petri dish lined with electrodes for fungal cells to bond to, so we can study their electrical signals more.

we are doing an interesting remote sound/radio performance today between Ljubljana, Ustí nad Labem, and Linz, central point being at + physical space in each of cities, at 15:00-18:00 CEST (

you're extremely welcome ti attend!

part of

i finished my morning coffee at 13:37. ok, I've been at the shop already too, and the car mechanic.

migraine is gone, but tiny headache persists.
it's very hot.

*reminding myself every gosh-dang day this week*

I am awesome & badass and can do this. 🔥
I am awesome & badass and can do this. 🦾
I am awesome & badass and can do this. 😤

Modular practice session from last night. Clicks, pops, and angry robot sounds.

Went in intending to explore some bright, short, articulated, rich sounds. Not super successful, then got carried away with the typical noisy audio-rate modulation that modular excels at.

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ten points of advice from composer to music critic

Pro tip: Put on any ol e reader device and you have an open source digital library / reader behemoth ! Easily one of the coolest open source projects out there.

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