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Found a really cool crew called "Organisation KA Internationale" building a community and leveraging fediverse somwhere between Martignique and Guadeloupe. I recommend to check it out their network 💎

Fun fact: The Matrix still runs on X11 because Agent Smith could not get copying and pasting himself to work on Wayland.

today's progress was on the toolkit - managed to 'port' my program to use 'native' video library instead of GLMovie/GLVideo which it was using before and is not working anymore for 3-4 years now. that's very good stuff.. but.. I need to do more work on actual content.

Computertruhe e.V. are volunteers in Germany who repair abandoned computers so they can be donated to charity.

You can follow their main account and also several local branches:

➡️ @computertruhe (main account, in German)

➡️ @@ComputertruheBerlin (Berlin branch, in German)

➡️ @ComputertruheChemnitz (Chemnitz branch, in German)

➡️ @ComputertruheMuenchen (Munich branch, in German)

Their website is at

#Computertruhe #NGOs #Deutsch #Computing #Germany #Activism #Hardware

Quick, incomplete list of privacy-oriented European public #DNS resolvers with a free plan:



🇩🇪 (open source)





All taken from this precious list:

This toot is just meant for my own quick reference when trying DNS providers -- check the list above for more alternatives, IPv6 addresses and more services that provide DNS-over-TLS or DNS-over-HTTPS!

An AI-generated blog auto-spawns dozens of posts per day, and many are victims of what I'll call the Baltimore Orioles Effect, in which AI mixes two very different things with similar names.

Which fediverse software do you use, boost for scale.

If you'd rather watch some experimental sound design than that certain music contest that's going on tonight, tune in on my Twitch channel from 7:30pm on. I'll be doing stuff with again!

Timezone conversion?

doom emacs now functional also on the workstation machine. new Processing4 and SuperCollider now all there. reusing code from previous projects, still feeling at the very beginning of something that needs to be done fast but I want to do research.

could someone more knowledgable with NFTs explain a bit what rights exactly were transfered to buyers when they bought a NFT from an artist?

Hey, how could I miss this? @thunderbird is on Mastodon! Really pleased to have you here, in that libre and safe place :)

NFT2 aka ChainlessNFT 

Create or Transfer your ChainlessNFT

You need to have your private key and receiver's public key before using this tool.

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"When an interested buyer decides to buy a copy of the artwork, they send a payment through the platform along with their own public key. The artist then signs a message including data like the purchase price, timestamp, parties involved, and any other data that might be relevant or interesting. Any legal agreements or copyright transfer details can also be included as desired. This is all collected together, signed, and publicly displayed, and voila! Ownership transferred."

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artworks (or contracts for sale) signed via public key crypto

Another lovely day, and I am grateful for the sun and flowers

my doctor told me to start taking a simple vitamin (B2) and my concussion headaches went away today! i'm still taking tons of work and screen breaks, walking a lot, drinking fluids, resting though too.

Linux stuff 

@tcit holy shit this just might be the year of the linux desktop now

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