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Here we go... my new album is dropping on Dec 10. Pre-orders are open now and there's a real cool video by a friend of mine:

two from rebecca solnit's "ten ways to confront the climate crisis without losing hope" in the guardian stick out to me

+ imagination is a superpower
+ don't neglect beauty

i often find her writing inspiring as well as clear minded (i often hope she is right)


@luka @jayrope ActivityPub is actively being worked on so there will be some interop with the rest of the fediverse. But anything around recordings of streams is a different thing that will hopefully come along later.

finally updated our server to 0.10 for tonight's stream!

Happy Trans Awerness Week.

From the happy enby transmasc that I am to any other trans pal out there, you are valid and I love you


@okokokok @matt @luka aye, you are on the mark.
it boils down to greedy fucks doing fucky things that fuck over every other fuck

Meanwhile, I'm about three... two and a half pages into the Fourth Ballade. 😁

I have no false expectations concerning my ability, so it's probably half a page more, and that will be it. I doubt I'll be able to go further that page four at the very best. It is a tremendous piece, it's difficult, and I really don't know why I am doing this. 😆

I'm really sorry, dear Frederic. I hope you are not turning in your grave... at least, not too much. :)

Car users: if you open the door with the hand opposite (as in, one the door to your right with your left hand), you will automagically be facing the right direction to see cyclists coming.

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rerun of Antigone tonight
Kamizdat Rentgen tomorrow (streamed too)
Technoburlesque aftertomorrow

honey is...

(plz boost)

Struggling to find a good out-of-the box solution for a responsive navbar for my new website. I was very happy with, but it messed up code highlighting. Next I tried bootstrap, but I can't figure out how to make the nav-thingy expand and collapse with my current setup... How do people create theirs, preferably hassle-free and possibly also js-free?

Due to the recent return to pandemic measurements and event prohibition in Upper Austria & the related uncertainty of organizing event in presence, in agreement with the Art University we had to move our next event, Conversations with Computers, online.

You can find the streaming and the pad for interacting at the event page:

the symposium is happening on wednesday 17th and thursday 18th, frm 6-8pm (CET)

Four sleeps to go!

18th-21st November

Who is in need of a reboot?

analog Not analog

At the PIKSEL 21 festival I will explain what "analog not analog" is. This event is an online presentation.

Fri 19. Nov 2021 @ 6:15 pm Central European Time

The focus is:
* Live coding of animations.
* Mixing real world footage with generative elements.
* Digital feedback loops.

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