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Souvenez-vous de Aaron Swartz
(8 novembre 1986 - 11 janvier 2013)

>>Have a look at the examples, mess around with the numbers and check the docs. Use your ears and find stuff you think sounds cool. Do a lil bit every day and stick with it. You’ll find your way in no time. <<

The best and most powerful method to learn . Me approve.

👨‍🎤 🎧 🎼 🎹 🥁 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻 🎚 🎛 🎵 🎶

🇫🇷 Amis guitaristes, un nouveau logiciel #GxCabSim entre dans #LibraZiK 3 et est donc disponible immédiatement, il s'agit d'un greffon au format #LV2 capable d"émuler les circuits de sortie directe de plusieurs amplis bien connus.

🇬🇧 Fellow guitarists, a new GxCabSim software enters LibraZiK 3 and is therefore immediately available, it is a plugin in LV2 format capable of emulating the direct output circuits of several well known amps.

Does anyone know of any offline FOSS that creates image/mood boards from a directory of images?

I feel that publishing a release and its source code in a nice format is quite an achievement since I always wanted to communicate about different layers of sound making and it was an ideal to be able to do that in this kind of app-agnostic textual way in the sense "yeah x sound is made like this, look here" and it would be immediately clear how a synth is constructed just by reading the code in any browser (ok, knowledge is a requisite here, but still)

Hello #fediverse

I’m Comet. I am an artist working mainly in the field of non-work. I travel the universe, write poetry, publish zines, play music and fight fascism.

visit my website:

☄️ #Introduction #poetry #zines :antifa:

1/ This is a comparison more people should be making. In 1898, a couple thousand white supremacists successfully overturned an election in North Carolina, destroying a powerful, anti-capitalist coalition of poor white and recently emancipated Black farmers (the Fusionists).

This silly online noisemaker amused me for far longer than it should have.


🦁 MailTape 433 with DJ Lycox

This morning, we are delighted to welcome Parisian-based DJ and producer DJ Lycox. No excuses to sleep in!

DJ Lycox’s music was like an electric shock. Rhythms that I didn’t know well and that I thought I didn’t like. The same applies for this selection which overflows with energy and cannot leave indifferent: you have to dare to go beyond your first reactions to discover all the richness and the complexity of Lycox’s musical universe.


Petition for Starfleet to include artists-in-residence in all funded research projects of greater than 5 collaborators, including those occurring on space-going vessels.

Can't believe Lenin banned the tsar from Twitter, this is what communism looks like

"Read some Chomsky!" I scream, hurling a copy of _Hegemony or Survival_ at the rear window of the car I'm chasing down my driveway.

i am begging y’all to

- add image descriptions to any image you post

- tag @imagecaptionspls if you need assistance

- stop boosting images that don’t have a description added

- add image descriptions to inaccessible toots you stumble upon here

there’s help available if you need it, otherwise do it yourself. there’s really no excuse.

Let's highlight a few other thing for #BandcampSaturday, which isn't a thing yet but which should be the day you pick up a few extra things to thank Bandcamp for their work, if you can afford it.
And for that, it makes sense to go to catalog work - you picked up the artist's latest on #BandcampFriday - what else did they do? So here's some older stuff from the same artists I highlighted yesterday.
First, to Suzanne Ciani: my favorites of her are The Buchla Concerts 1975


Hélène Vogelsinger is a french singer, and sound designer. In her synth project, she explores different places and connects with their energies to create unique and suspended moments. Her pieces are a combination of evolutive patterns, ambient textures, voices, orchestral instruments and recording fields. Her creative universe is poetic, spiritual and soul searching.

@akkartik @chirrolafupa @cancel @neauoire this moment alone predicts how and why computers built in the West will fumble when it comes to Arabic. The printers had to figure out a way to represent Arabic letters as blocks and then fit the blocks together, because that's how the technology of the printing press worked. That's completely counter to Arabic as a language! you don't think about individual letters when you are writing Arabic, you think about whole words, because letters can bend/change

been a little quiet lately for a number of reasons, more noisy / quiet sounds coming eventually (once I upgrade my hard drive -- I only have 3Gb left...)

"We are proud to announce the release of Nextcloud Notes Android 3.0 #apps:notes!" 🥳

Thanks to our amazing community! Read more details below!

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