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research of war incidence in matriarchal vs patriarchal societies?

Fali music from Northern Cameroom - Funeral song
featuring call-reponse vocals, eerie polyphonic whistles and horns, drums, harps and flutes, published in 1962


:souls_i::souls_s:​ :souls_t::souls_h::souls_e:
:souls_c::souls_l::souls_e::souls_a::souls_n::souls_s::souls_i::souls_n::souls_g:​ :souls_o::souls_f:

by “structural plurality”:

all a community was, pre-cleansing, was a mish-mash of folks w/ jobs, everyday shops, community centres & housing… housing all who lived & worked there before developers “snapped up” land “cheaply” & wiped it so wyt middle-class ppl & their enablers could create a staid theme park of boutiques & whitewashed ahistoricity in their own re-imaging of what they just cleansed

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What do all men with power want? 

More power.

WGBS (Archipelagic) Radio

Archipelagic Waterways
Archipelagic Governance
Archipelagic Belonging
Archipelagic Structures

Manila – Rotterdam 📻

October 14, Wednesday
Rotterdam 14:00–15:45h CET
Manila 8:00–9:45 GMT+8

tune in:
#varia #radio #rotterdam #manila #archipelagos

This radio broadcast is the result of conversations and working relationships that navigate the concept of what an archipelagic construction could mean, in terms of organization, belonging, and self. It was constructed between an archipelago of friends such as but not limited to Angeliki, Clara, Chung, and Reinaart.

This radio broadcast departs from conversations about the essay Sketches of Archipelagic Poetics of Postcolonial Belonging by maryamdeluz and Marco Cuevas-Hewitt. The essay is an island of a mutual aid anarchozine package compiled by EtnikoBandido. (...)

Web homepage / blog / portfolio written entirely in monospace font with a lot of whitespace to create different flows of text, utf8, and in different languages all mixed up. Txtfilez.

Have I ever talked about how awesome #OsmAnd is?

Here we have a map app that draws maps from vector data in real time, and has quality routing and many other features.

It still runs on an Android 4.4 device with 512 MB of memory, and can calculate routes for several 100 km on a fairly complex road network without crashing.

It is possible, people!

#Android #OSM

the second song compilation is now out!! 50 minutes of excellent noise music from our lovely community!

check it out

The knight victoriously held the holy sword aloft, blade glowing with a dazzling white light. Suddenly, an ethereal voice echoed inside his head.

"Hello, Arthur Pendragon."

"Who... who goes there?"

"Registering user, one moment please..."

"How dost thou know my name?"

"User registration complete."


"Welcome to the Excalibur Automated Combat System, powered by Microsoft Windows. I'm Cortana, and I'm here to help. To get started, please say your command."

#TootFic #MicroFiction

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People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. -- Joseph Newton

@codewiz Several versions of socialism have not been tested at national scale. Most democratically elected socialist governments throughout the 20th century were immediately deposed by the USA, sometimes by direct military intervention, and replaced by totalitarian dictators.

The principle reason for this was to fool people into believing that "before giving up on capitalism, we need to invent something that works better."

a short A/V study 

Just remembered I did this little study a while back:

I wish I could remember how I created the score, because I like it a lot... I know it's pulsar synthesis with pippi... but there are so many details I have no idea where some of those nice undulating distortion sounds are coming from... maybe just waveset synthesis + filters?

I'm sure the script is somewhere on a hard drive, but I have no idea how to find it. Better to start fresh.


Yesterday watched 'Unorthodox' - series in four parts about a girl running away from orthodox Jewish Williamsburg Brooklyn community into Berlin. Her final vocal performance of a Jewish song is astonishing. The whole thing is very well paced, really a joy to watch.


Note also that #SmallAI can be used to replace Reputation Systems and their massively scaled up versions: The Social Credit dystopic hellscapes that are everywhere on the rise.

But maybe that is only feasible in places where the latter have not yet become commonplace and accepted, and when Small AI gains sufficient popularity and traction.

@cwebber @bamfic @aral


"Social Credit" .. the whole notion is disgusting and typical of the hypercapitalist society we find ourselves in.

As if the social fabric of humanity is a debit / credit system, and you can lend and borrow. Become tremendously rich in social credit as well, by exhibiting capitalist behavior. Buy yourself a new ferrari and a highly esteemed status?

No thank you. We have to rekindle real humanity, before this space is occupied with social credit plutocrats.

@cwebber @bamfic @aral

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