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Always so inspirational to read about other musicians and their processes. Reading digital edition of The Wire magazine, also glad to see more and more nonbinary and trans discourse, like using they/them pronouns etc.

how can I tell coworkers, bosses, friends and family that they shouldn't use zoom? is there a good article that I can link to?

"You start from sounds, sounds that will perhaps lead you to a structure. Here it’s the material that induces the thought. The possibilities of finding / inventing new sounds and, therefore, new forms are tremendous, infinite. And because you can do everything, you also have to be rigorous. But I think one should not have a despotic approach to sound."

-- Michèle Bokanowski

Looking for a job in Berlin 

I am looking for a mini-job in Berlin. I have an MA in theoretical linguistics and German literature and 4/7 of my studies of BSc computational linguistics.

I did a lot of stuff including coding but mainly did care work in the last 10 years.

Boosts are welcome.

"Who takes out the trash in an anarchist society" idk man who takes out the trash in a shared household?? You talk about it, you work out a system, you don't treat the garbage-taker-outers like shit. It's not complicated, it's contextual

Do you know Mosh ? A remote terminal application that allows roaming, supports intermittent connectivity, and provides intelligent local echo.

Great !!
#Mosh #Shell #SSH #FOSS

Preparing for tonight's performance on 8 channels (here's just two for now) in . It's a 're-run' of improvised composition based on sound installation that was now running for three months in Steklenik gallery <-> @fragmentscenario look so many stickers of yours!

Adam Neely on the deeply ingrained racism in music theory:


In which there were some strange paintings, and also in which I'm still waiting on print site to not explode.

#art #mastoart

this video articulates really well that disquieting feeling I had throughout my music education 🤔

also good to know that Schenkerian analysis is basically phrenology for music, that saves me from wasting time in getting around to learning it 🎶

Sometimes it's about the little steps. Brush your teeth. Wash your face.

Think I finally managed to make the move to my new home instance, i.e.

Many THANKS to all that gave me and, more importantly, took the time to these (and adjacent) matters with me. I very much appreciate it! Never stop – talking, listening, thinking, doing, making, feeling. 💚

(I would tag all of you, but I tend to be cautious about doing things like that. Hopefully, you know who you are.)

Is there a 'computer music herstory' list already somewhere? (list of historical computer music women composers / compositions)

Cc @celesteh @poemproducer

And of course I'm now ambitiously thinking how to put it all down to be able to repeat it - in a sense creating a modest curriculum an introduction to computer music with practical and bits and pieces of cm history. It's true though that at the moment I'm lucky to have three very motivated participants on approximately the same beginner level but with already some experience with knob twiddling and circuit bending and music making.

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skillsharing meetups/workshop is going quite well. I'm learning a lot how to time and structure information. Today we went on a necessary little tangent to cover basics of acoustic, electric and digital sound in order to better understand the mul:/* argument with UGen generators. And with first practice with AM synthesis, now participants can already make actually complex noises. Next time I want to setup an stream, because sound through is too mushed-up.

Basic sound electronic, analogue and digital, question, help 

Could someone please answer this electronics question: when analogue sound in a form of electrical current/voltage fluctuation travels through an electrical wire between mic and a speaker, or between mic and soundcard (adc) does the voltage (or current) ever fluctuate in the "negative"? Or is it a fluctuation between low and high, which is only in digital sampled (and DC corrected?) as a range between -1 and 1?

There are 17 million vacant homes in the US and 600 thousand homeless people in the US as of 2019

That's 28 homes for every homeless person in the United States

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