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📄 Simon Biggs and Penny Travlou, Distributed Authorship and Creative Communities, 2012

“… the model of the solitary artist, producing artifacts that embody creativity, can be questioned as an ideal for achieving creative outcomes. Instead, creativity can be proposed as an activity of exchange that enables (creates) people and communities, considering these processes within an expanded field of what agency can be considered to be, as a collective becoming.”

two five one
II - V - I
2 - 5 - 1
two five one
II - V - I
2 - 5 - 1

How to Write Chord Progressions that Sound Amazing (Piano in View!) by Jeff Schneider

I'm currently working on multiple projects and I can't tell you how proud and happy I am to work on those =)

When I'll be able to share more with you, I'll keep you informed! Thank you for your support folks <3

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Folks! I finally finished my new website and I'm proud to share it today with you:

[ ]

I'll try to regularly update it with new projects and releases (as soon as they are disclosed ^^) and I might add new features in the future.

a community of music producers
and DJs promoting diversity and mutual aid

From beginners to professionals, ask a question, give advice, share your works and meet new peers.

All genders and colors - a space friendly and safe for everyone, actively moderated. We act against prejudice and discrimination.

Independent and free - run transparently by volunteers, on a free and non-commercial open source platform. Get involved!

:mastodon: ➡️ @EQlzr

With the US mulling the decision to ban #tiktok, we should also consider banning #instagram and #facebook because they essentially do the same thing: piss all over your privacy while allowing you to be "connected" to people that atrophy helped you get rid of long ago.

Oh, wait, American companies that spy on people are okay and acceptable. It is different when the Chinese do it.

It's my birthday tomorrow, and I'd like to donate some money directly to LGBTQIA+ POC on the fedi. If you have a donation link you'd like boosted, please comment with it here. If you don't feel comfortable sharing it widely, you can also DM me your link.

If I get overwhelmed with responses, I may only be able to boost, but hopefully I can at least send a couple bucks to everyone who responds.

just a reminder that you owe literally no one an explanation or debate or education. not your mama, not your pastor, not your grandma, not your friends. no one. you're gay or trans or agender or whatever flavor of queer and just trying to live your life and tbh thats all you have to do. just live. and so what if they are coming from a good place of trying to understand? there is so much media in so many formats for all education and age levels available to those that truly want to learn. and if they won't do it themselves? then they werent coming from a good place and you saved yourself a lot of time and emotions.

JS Bach is compared in doing for the arts what Isaac Newton did for the sciences; the achievements their works produced altered the course of history.

Some personal recollections of how my friend and I put together a rather large festival very very quickly


i work in tech. most people in tech are devastatingly unaware of the nature of the society they live in and are utterly unqualified to make moderation decisions for the platforms they build.

📓 f.y.i. d.i.y.

i started using a common drilling machine for drawing purposes (in combination with carbon tracing paper). that’s what diy is all about, no? Drilling machines? In this sketch i first tried out different sizes of the trademarked screw drive »torx« to find out a well balanced stroke width. They all look the same… well the choice is then a T10 …

#frgmntscnr #fyidiy #wip #drawing #fragment #MastoArt #art

mixing, mastering, annoyance 

The thing is, apart from pulling back the 'overpowering sub every bar' a bit, I can do two things - release all the sub-50hz content from the bassline, even boosting it, or (and?) adding addintional sub to the kick octave lower (now it's at 60Hz, so 30Hz?). or at least lift a bit of sub50hz content of the kick with the EQ. if I do both (kick and bassline), it seems totally too much. that kick is pretty dense., so I'm afraid it will too much.

@openmastering thoughts?

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mixing, mastering, annoyance 

I was thrown really off-centre today, after receiving reply from a mastering engineer I wanted to try. He wrote me that one of the tracks is problematic because it has no bass apart from overpowering sub every bar and he wouldn't take on mastering as the mix has no "fullness".

Then I want back to find 'fullness' in the track and then the sound just goes crazy and chaotic in the low end, and it's all over the place and I got really annoyed and stressed.

"I hate the idea that you ever kinda say to someone 'That's mine!' What you're doing is you're holding back the growth of the culture ... and you don't have any control of that ... you just gotta get excited and enjoy the fact that you inspired people and you just have to keep leveling up in some way" --Reeps One

Some amazing beatbox performance from Trung bao and Chiwawa below!

50 Types Of Inward Drag ( Technique) | Trung bao & Chiwawa

I don't fully agree with this article, and I think it's written a bit too cryptically, but it's a good read nonetheless.

Bonus points for publishing a critical, Speculative Fiction article... on a Springer publication :P

Are Springer/Elsevier maintaining small, carefully-monitored "reservations" of critical thought? Talk about de-colonisation...

if you don't forge your own myth the world is gonna do it for you

skateboarding, video 

this video is quite revealing to the non-initiated. but it's also very interesting, that it seems to be the first (general interest, mainstream) video - that I've seen at least - that uses google earth for all aerial shots of places

Tony Hawk breaks down skateboarding’s legendary spots

by Vox

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