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I finished reading World Wide Waste by Gerry McGovern. I'd consider it essential reading for anyone working with computers!

It's well cited (though I still need to check those citations) & uses maths effectively to make it's point.

That computers + (surveillance) capitalism is actually worse for the environment than the predigital era. That we can and must move slow and fix things, and fund that vital work directly.

discord link, music server promo

I just made this discord server for trans and non binary people into underground music. consider joining if you like the cool stuff!


Hey everyone. I have been over at @tomasino for the last fe years. I'm migrating here. If the migration asks you for a follow again, that's why.

I suppose there is a bit of magic about the early hours of the day. I think, for me, it has much to do with the stillness, the quiet – the calm. No expectations, no time owed to anyone or anything. It's borrowed time, but so often these few hours are better spent now, than during the busy-ness of the day. I am cautious not to borrow more than I can afford, but wisdom doesn't always prevail.

I hope you find your calm. Moments of reflection and appreciation and making time to just *be*

Class Wars Episode Six: Return of the Union

Crass language; Techbros 


this is where I wish that academia could come together and actually build a fucking commons

imagine a massive nextcloud instance federated together from all unis globally. collabora online to replace google office suite. nextcloud talk to replace google meet. nextcloud deck for trello. all self-hosted in each institution and then federated to make sure people can ALWAYS talk to each other/collaborate cross-institution

(i wish this for everyone ever too)

unpopular opinion 

Please CW toots about non-vegan food.

Anyways, I got like...maybe one more session on this before I'm calling it done.

Someone asked Angela Davis why she specified that the 8 richest people in the world are men and 7 of them are white when they felt that the actual issue is that there are 8 people who own like half of the world's wealth.

She replied with one of the greatest explanations of intersectionality theory I've ever heard. I can't transcribe the whole thing in this toot, it was like over 5 minutes long, but the thrust was "Where do you see capitalism without racism?

It's not enough to just dismantle capitalism, it's not enough to just smash the state, unless the work is actively being done to right the social ills that are upholding these things. If we replaced capitalism with Full Communism tomorrow, we would have Racist Communism.

It's free & open-source

1. Go to
2. Open the browser console
3. Inspect/Fork/Have fun 💜

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Mylae Xar finds out that Astralaria can amplify his magician powers, and finds a new friend!

Commissioned by Mylae. Thank you so much, it's always so nice to dive into big detailed paintings!

Featuring some close-ups at 75%, because the web version doesn't show off the detail at all. :)

#mastoart #creativetoots #gw2 #charr

so tired of anarchy's only vibe being punk.

instead of white boys drawing graffiti on brick walls, give me black lesbians harvesting the vertical farm on the side of their collectively governed skyscraper

instead of white boys wearing black and flipping off cops, show me an open air market that doesn't need police because everyone can take what they need

vandalizing walls and flipping off cops are valid forms of resistance, but what we're fighting for is beautiful too


Been working on a few concepts reimagining ancient Central European mythology.
This one is about vampiristic tendencies attributed to insects, especially butterflies and moths. Those were thought to be dead spirits returning to leech on life essence (like lapping nectar or milk).

my harmony crash course ... erm, textbook 

only about 200 words today, but also, I only worked for 1 hour and I had to think hard about the examples.

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