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Drone Day is an annual celebration of drone, community, and experimental sounds! Every year we make a noise together that stretches around the world to awaken tiny vibrations in our skin and between all our bones.

Saturday May 30, 2020

Drone out a window, on a balcony, on a roof.
Drone alone or with the people who share your home.
Drone online.

Everyone is welcome to organize or attend!
With the people in your house, on your roof, online, alone under your bed.

Google memories (10/x) 

one week later they posted a retraction. Project Android is amazing actually, this is so exciting, sorry about my rant, I was going through some personal stuff.

Friends told me to not criticise anything over email, as it can and will be read, and not use my phone lines.

I started feeling like in the RPG Paranoia: Being unhappy suggests the Computer is flawed, therefore unhappiness is treason. Citizens are monitored, and traitors will be punished. Are you happy, citizen?

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This is your regular reminder that if you say "All X people are Y", for any value of X, you are wrong. Furthermore, you may be friends with an X person and not even know it.

Remember the golden rule: All generalisations are wrong. Including this one.

I have a friend with a large unexpected bill coming up. Help them out while buying some cool stuff from their RedBubble?

be who you are, fully, complex and complicated, there is no contradictions in humans, don’t press yourself into some shape or whatever you think is required, it is all bullshit, live fully and don’t hurt others <3

software freedom, hot take 

BSD "pragmatists" are to long-term software freedom what anarcho-capitalists are to anarchism.

SIGN THIS - policies matter!

these six countries are breaking the ban on bee-killing pesticides - don't let them get away with it!

Art Meets Radical Openness, online conference. Starts in four hours and I am watching the clock...

RT @gretathunberg
The idea that the climate crisis will just be “solved” by so called green investments and stimulus plans is of course out of touch with reality.
We can not solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis.

> Please, write a post with the hashtags #Fediverse12, #HappyFedi2U and share your memories and memoirs! If you still have accounts in mainstream social media, help making these hashtags visible and invite your friends and followers to our new world of federated communication.

The Fediverse is where I first really learned about free software and user freedom. I had been using GNU/Linux as my primary OS for ten years already, but that was more of a practical and geeky concern. More like having an Amiga instead of a PC, rather than any philosophical stance.

GNU put freedom first and in a vocal way if you knew where to look, but laconica/statusnet/gnusocial really showed that free software had the potential to do things proprietary software never could. It was founded on not only software freedom, but also open protocols, network freedom and free culture.
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You should have the #right2repair what you own.

This would help consumers, open up new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and reduce waste.

To do so, we must tackle the monopolisation of the economy.

A new article "Right to repair and anti-trust" on Mutual Interest, a free online newspaper #coop owned by the readers and writers.

Become a member here. Members vote for their favourite articles, and we distribute our funds accordingly.

People criticizing code of conducts, speech moderation or instance blocks because "all viewpoints are valid" are equally unaffected by them, which makes them privileged spineless centrists at best or sociopath libertarians at worst and should be ignored, muted or blocked.

- really happy with new . package has updated and so here it is. looking forward to explore the 'channel' functionality soon.

- also I again am playing with demo, and considering actually buying it. it's so packed with everything and works pretty nicely on linux - the main put-off is the piano roll - being a -ista I have a automatic cringe reponse to it :D

did some streaming in this morning. trying to import the archive from yt to peertube.

🎂 #HappyFedi2U as the fediverse turns twelve. Really interesting to think that it started with and that it keeps evolving in various forms, not unlike one of those gross slime moulds.

Keep up the great work everyone, and please keep it caring and non-corporate. 💚✊🏽


subscribing to artist you respect on Bandcamp or Patreon you'd be most proud if you'd be called:

(more options: carer / trustee / sponsor /treasurer)

(please boost)

food, recipe 

i cleaned the image of this recipe for Potato, Leek and Kale Curry dish for OCR bot to make a proper transcription - easier to copy and paste the text then. this is a very late response to @welshpixie question what to make with kale (

@OCRbot eng

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