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i love the 'native' :funkwhale: android client !! having my own funkwhale instance via yunohost + this on my phone. I hope the development continues in 2020 (seems to stoped in november)

  🐠 🐡     
 🐠    🐠   
 🌾🌱🌾  🌱🌱🌱🌾

I got sick of messing around with VCV Rack every time I wanted to use Turing Machine style style semi-random sequence generation, so I made a Turing Machine inspired Max for Live Device. I'm 90% there and it has true-to-the-original characteristics like throwing out awesome sequences except one horrible note that it should-be-but-for-some-reason-isn't possible to zero out.

I hooked it up to a couple of sine wave oscillators and a bass synth I made from sampling trucks downshifting on the freeway in the distance and here's what came out. Nothing amazing, but for a live beta test of a new effect, I'm stoked

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capture part of your screen + output from jack using :

ffmpeg -video_size 854x480 -framerate 25 -f x11grab -i :0.0+0,0 -f jack -i ffmpeg -f mp4 -ac 2 -ar 48000 -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -crf 23 -pix_fmt yuv420p output.mp4

some sctweeting there on birbsite, actually a friend Lukas Nystrand posted something but twitter garbled it but i was curious so i fixed it a little


I wrote a piece on #misophonia, noise-canceling technology, orphic #media and people as push notifications for Real Life Magazine:

P.S. A big influence for this text was the book 'Hush' by Mack Hagood; make sure to check it out!

@luka spotify is hellish, absolutely degrades art into focus-group consumer mood profiling. I hate Spotify and yet... I still use it because it's convenient.

tomorrow’s release is spot-on. one of those albums that spontaneously bloomed. feeling like all my hard work is paying off.

TFW u just wanna throw head back up into the sky and scream "fuck this shit!"

Analysis of a popular playlist "dinner with friends". "it's music for background". "a playlist that people put on and don't care about the music really"

I'm almost insulted one dares to say to a group of musicians. I'm appalled that musicians are not offended by that.

As a music artist pouring blood and sweat into your music, do you really want to use a platform that encourages this way of earning money / distributing your art?

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'skip rate' on playlists.

Your songs should not have 20s intro, because people will skip it too often.

I'm not sure should i laugh hysterically or cry.

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On a talk about streaming (mostly Spotify) realizing how fuxkedup the system is. It all comes down to power and gatekeepers just shifted.

doin the sound design, boiling down some hrs of modular noodles and field recordings into virtual instruments, makin samples to feed to the hungry samplers...

(has some transients, don't listen too loud)

"If I did not believe in the possibility of eventually defeating #capitalism and in a socialist future, I would have no inspiration to continue with my political work. [Capitalism] continually reveals its inability to grow and develop without expanding and deepening human exploitation. There must be an alternative to capitalism. . . . #Communism—or #socialism—can still help us to generate new versions of #democracy."
- #AngelaDavis
#BlackHistoryMonth #BlackWomenAtoZ

channel your anger and frustration through music... or noise 💩🔥

I'm playing this on repeat:

Steal A Golden Hail
by Quirke
@ Whities

///she said the body is the mind's measuring instrument or something - the mind renders information registered on its sensory surface, combines it with old info from the same source and keeps the whole accumulated stock poised to guide action///

But first...
0) coffee
1) clearly stated mission and values.

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