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Today I pre-ordered new album (huge fan!). You can get it in 8-bit WAV format, believe it or not.

@luka Thank you again for having me! Going into music related circles has always been super intimidating for me so I'm super grateful for SoNoMu being so warm 🙏

I must say that I'm very happy with our local timeline. Thanks everyone on who is posting and making it a cosy safe and kind space. Let's stay excellent to each other (it almost goes without saying) and keep on sharing your sonic musical noisy adventures!


i’m vicariously loving thru @yaxu posts. need to have a sit-down with

if you want us to care about the difference between edm and drum and bass you could at least put the malian records in a different fucking box from the cuban ones

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At Hundred Rabbits, we want to gradually optimize up our stuff in 2020 to take the least amount of power, to work on the oldest devices and to require the least amount of dependencies.

Tovariš Strmoglavljen in Lasse Passage - Kamizdat Rentgen - 7.10.2019 pr Anđi, AT Rog - premiera:

the fact that there are ten million different genres of music in 4/4 with drums and guitars but that a century of recorded music from literally hundreds of different countries is expected to just fit under the absurd "world music" umbrella tell you all you need to know about the white mindset

Daily chord progression (CW: "normal people" reference, possible ableism) 

Today's random chord progression (four bars, 4/4) is:



The progression is an excerpt of the full 32 bars; I took bars nine through twelve, from the site linked above.

For more information on music theory, see

>> ...we're winding down because we're nearly out of cash + can't afford to pay the royalties owed to rightsholders. We've fallen behind in royalty payments because our revenues have declined as a result of a steady drop in listening activity, which is in turn largely due to Spotify's cannibalization of our audience with ever-better lean-back playlist offerings (like Discover Weekly) + its ability to offer listeners both lean-back and on-demand streaming ... <<

Australian solidarity Climate protest 

Demand Action on Australian Fires - Australian Embassy in London

10 January (this Friday)
Australian High Commission
Strand - London WC2B $LA
(Corner of Aldwych and Strand. Nearest tube station: Temple)


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Up till now, I'd been listening to what others have said would make me happy.

This year, I'm listening to myself.

I hope you find your happiness, too.


mid and late 90s was such interesting time for breakbeat-based electronic club music. or so it subjectively seems as i was in early 20s then. the first track 'Sigh.Co' from this retro album by pHrack R (Simon Shackleton) just gives me goosebumps as that was one of very early breaks tracks i insanely jumped on (nobody played that in our clubs tho) and also mr Shack has an amazing nack for combining space and earth.

btw, "Divje Babe" could be translated "wild women" - >> living in mountain caves and hollows that had long hair and arms and legs turned back<< in other words: witches. The flute is named after the cave (and now archeological park) with that name.

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TIL that >> the Divje Babe Flute is a cave bear femur pierced by spaced holes that was found in 1995 at the Divje Babe archeological park located near Cerkno in northwestern Slovenia. It has been suggested that it was made by Neanderthals as a form of musical instrument, its hole spacing and alignment leading to its being labeled a "Neanderthal flute." ... Arguably made 55.000 years ago, it is possibly the world's oldest known musical instrument. <<

I haven't tooted here for ages. Various reasons: Sorting out Hardware / Software problems, hardly writing or recordings anything for months.

I've decided to start doing again after quitting the game (and it *is* a game) a few years ago.

If you need a free read of an excerpt from your script for whatever - anything from gaming, novel narration to erotica, PM me a short sample and I will record a free demo for you.

I have a soft RP accent and my voice has been described as warm.

music for a good morning:

"Lágrima" - On Original 19th Century Guitar
by Brandon Acker

Totally going out on a limb here, aiming this mainly at the fellow folks at SoNoMu ★

If anyone knows of someone in a music academia field -- preferably musicology, but anything related to music academia is fine -- who is looking for a research assistant, or even just a grunt worker, please drop me a line. (Preferably someone able to work with someone in Los Angeles, so most likely online unless you're local, haha)

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