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Performance tonight. I'm not on stage this time, enjoying a classic sound engineer position.

Through my rear view mirror, I caught a front seat dance performance. Two young men, in winter hats and t-shirts, were bouncing in synchronized rhythm and time to whatever was cranking on their radio (on mine, was some late career funk by Prince). I mean, really bouncing hard, and doing complicated hand movements, everything. The look on their faces was one of pure joy, of the music flowing through them. I wanted to be listening to whatever it was that they were listening to. #smallstories

Hey , just a reminder that I truly appreciate how you are creating our instance's local timeline to be full interesting and beautiful creations. Keep doing that! Musicmaking is mysterious adventure (and often slow disciplined work). Thank you!

This is a hybrid Grundgestalt obtained by running the Beggar-my-neighbour games with packs 008636109 .. 009136680.

I call it hybrid because, after generating the music, I isolated and rearranged a number of sections.

The video is a 3D representation of the same multiset, obtained via

More info at and

If you like my music, you could perhaps follow my video channel at or my account @eidon_channel

I'm only now, so many years later, finding out how deep is the voice of Glenn Danzig ingrained in my memory, since my local alternative radio station played so many of Misfits and Danzig 'hits' in the 80-90s (when I was in puberty) and I recorded that on a cassette tape that I played over and over again but never knew what were the bands' or singers' names.

I don't remember if I posted about it here, but I opened a broadcasting platform called Neuvoids
The stream is off because we are preparing everything but I did a stream a week ago with underground jungle tapes
You can listen to it here 👉

Damn, just logged in for the 1st time here on sonomu & already found out about
Already like this instance.
I'll do a like for real profile/intro later, after I do some sleeping.

Reminder to cis folks that today is trans day of remembrance (TDoR) and the trans folks in your life could use love and supportive check-ins today :heart_sparkles_trans:

Help me identify this sci-fi novel! 

Boosts welcome

- I read it as a paperback in the late 90s. It was on the new arrivals shelf at my local library
- Male author, I'm pretty sure. I dunno if it's someone notable or not.
- Main premise involves a human who studies other planets' cultures & uses some future tech that allows him to change his body so it's just like the ones of the alien culture.
- He does that repeatedly. There might be risks from this?
- In the end, rather than going to back to his human form, he decides to make his body a fusion of parts from the various cultures.
- Maybe he kinda takes a hoop-like shape and rolls away??

I've been trying to figure this out for yearsssss!

Why is there no Oblique Strategies Bot on fediverse? @TheSoundOfBot comes pretty close though.

Made chocolate chip cookies today. Managed to find a good recipe on reddit. Not only did it have the original recipe, but also a discussion if said recipe, why it worked well, metric conversions, variations/substitutes, etc. I felt like I understood what was going on at a much deeper level. Came out pretty great, and usually my cookies are terrible. Never utilized a recipe peer-reviewed in this fashion, but now I'm never doing anything else.

On Saturday 23rd November, in #Zagreb, #Croatia, I'll be leading a #free #workshop on #livecoding #audio in the #C #programming language using #Clive. Note that clive does not work on Windows or Mac.

clive is a C audio live-coding skeleton. It allows you to #hotswap #DSP processing callbacks, providing not much more than automatic C #code recompilation, object code reloading, and state preservation.

The workshop will work on dependencies installation, basics of sysadmining and git, CLI, define DSP and examples similar to clive, sound synthesis and feedback, shaping sounds and a live performance preparation.

The workshop is conducted in English language.

To participate, you need to bring your own (GNU/Linux OS) laptop, and (optional) headphones.

Applications (open until Nov 20th 23:59CET): email hello at

If you are donating regularly to someone in order to support them in their art or creative project, I thank you. You have chosen to create the world with this. You are paying for art because you can, not because you have to.

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