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Ever wanted something like #inktober but for music? We got you covered with #novembeat!

btw, @fluffy has already setup a platform/website for so, .. no excuses anymore..

Reminder that #novembeat is coming up soon! And now we have a website for it!

these days I fantasize about going into with perhaps a simpler task of going into my own breakbeat roots and just pick a breakbeat loop (plenty of them in the SAMPLES folder) and fool around with it for an hour everyday. then I brainstorm further to stream the whole thing and then make a video with a timelapse and off-voice explanation and then it just explodes and becomes a too big of a project.

oh well.

I negleted welcomes - please enjoy and take care of our localtimelines and this (hopefully) safe space for musicians and noisers of all kinds:




i was pretty busy to be able to take extra community care of this space for the last few months or so, I apologize! I'm happy to see that we are now at 24 users total, and the admin dashboard reports 21 active and almost 300 interactions this week. The Local timeline is now pretty alive, which is amazing. Personally I'm especially happy to see musicaly (or production) focused threads.


Cristobal de Morales - Officium Defunctorum, Missa pro Defunctis - Jordi Savall (from local flac file - 1h12m)

ps: also questioning the conection between and this , ah.

If you run a pyramid scheme with money they call it "evil", and "conniving", but you run a pyramid scheme with people's labor it's "entrepreneurship"

Okay, time to ask the internet: what are pre-1900 examples of 3rd person limited narration?

I'm trying to answer how much this PoV developed in tandem with (and perhaps in reaction to) cinema, as distinct from theater.

3rd omni/objective maps very well to theater, and has 2000+ years of recorded history — but what of the limited PoV?

@aladar @luka @th4 @kynduum @NOISEBOB @hecanjog @hearsepileup @electret @flavigula @alexsleepy

HK government rescinds extradition law (one of 5 main protestor demands). our fundraising musical collection prolly contributed only infinitesimally to this effort, but still its a contribution ... (> $0.)

(also may have musical value outside of fundraising (for others to say))

nice work comrades!

Dobro jutro. (fotka je z včerajšnjega jutranjega sprehoda) #photography

also check out; best of the last 5 years, stuff from edm to new age to post metal (i'm as ADHD in music as IRL), and all free to download and stream

I have this really great powerful machine here with loads of RAM, many cores etc etc, but Firefox tells me on a page that some page is slowing down my browser... how is this possible?

Also, today I learned some basics about patterns in . Powerful stuff, and so much fun!

I suppose I want to wrap my head around gate and triggers, more envelopes and MIDI next. But also, filters, buses and groups look like something I could do a lot with.

I caught some inspiration today, and now I'm fighting a song again that I started in February.

Trying to write longer verses that just four lines. Also, I'm trying to put something into verse that I find hard to put into words at all.

celebration time, my book, obnoxious joy 

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Norway's new offshore oil "mega-project", the massive Johan Sverdrup field, started production yesterday. It's expected to produce crude for 50 years, and produce 20 times as much CO2 as Norway's annual emissions.

So, I finally nudged myself to book my first session. Wow, that was productive ❤️ I'm going to book my next sessions right away!

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