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tfw when you go back and replay the track because you like it so much

Ok, that second part of this track "Tournesol" by Djrum is ... well, true braindance. Just wait for it.


cw for tiddies
#WIP from a zine that will hopefully be available sometime in October... started on this months ago and kept neglecting to go back to it lol

Make a folder on your computer or an album on your phone and save images there that make you smile.

I woke up by the sound of helicopters. Seems the #rebellion has just begun. just a coffee and a jump on my bike and I will join you early birds at potsdamer platz and siegessäule. Seems like #berlin will have a big street party with a lot of artists, like bonaparte 🤗 the next days. this is bigger than I expected 💚 #extinctionrebellion #berlinblockieren

jutri v ponedeljek 7.10. ob 21h bomo gostili dva zanimiva glasbenika na našem koncertnem ciklu #Kamizdat Rentgen (tokrat prvič nevezano na Kamizdat izdaje):
- Lasse Passage (NO)
- Tovariš Strmoglavljen (SI)

@ Pr Anđi, AT Rog

(streama tokrat ne bo!)

Oh, welcome to the first day of week 41 of year 2019! It was a fast walk with my dog first thing in the morning.

For #looptober day 3, I pulled an Andrew Huang and made an entire track out of manipulated chops of a 15 second field recording of the ambient noise in my apartment

Been quietly lurking around here for a while, but I finally have a #music-related update on my end

Gonna be performing for my music club (NUS EML) as part of their annual concert end October... not as a solo act, but as part of a collab duo. Also gonna swap the Launchpad with a MIDI keyboard, as I'm gonna be (kinda) freestyle jamming for the first time! I've done improvs casually, but never in a more proper act :blob_dizzy_face:

#sonomu PSA 

for some reason the queues on the backend of our instance got clogged for about 12 hours, so you might have noticed lack of any updates in your home timelines. some services were restarted and now everything seems fine - home timelines should be full with all the latest fediverse happenings. I hope this was not a too heavy disruption to you daily tooting.

thanks to @hugo of @mastohost for responsiveness on a sunday afternoon!

new audio player for mastodon 3.0.0.

audio is a recording from an experiment since a while

New, free choral sheet music by me, a setting of Christina Rossetti's 'Good Friday'.

(Attached here: robotic flewitts playing it. They can't do the words, though.)

CC by SA, as usual.

I finally got one book again that shared the fate of many books I once loaned to somebody and never got back.

I never got around to studying with the first copy I owned, let's see if I make use of it this time.

Yes, of course there are ear training apps, but I found most of them falling short as soon as you go beyond recognizing out-of-context, abstract intervals, chords or cadences. Also, sound quality gets surprisingly important once you start trying to distinguish chords.

anxiety, hearing 

tfw a certain frequency is way louder in one earphone than the other so instantly assume losing my hearing and freak out, and only after a few minutes think to check the stereo width 🙄

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