"Sanders was a key figure in the spiritual jazz scene. His 1969 album Karma, which incorporated influences from traditional African and south Asian music, is considered one of the major early documents of the form. Throughout the early 1970s, Sanders continued to release records as a bandleader, largely on the Impulse! label. In 1971, he performed on Alice Coltrane’s Journey in Satchidananda, another milestone in modal and avant-garde jazz."


This week has mainly been soldering and weaving for @yaxu's algorithmicpattern.org project - a new batch of woven maypole robots is slowly brought into existence

The basic ass acoustic guitar is really a wonderful gift to humanity. It is a marvel of engineering, especially given the proliferation of cheaper but still good guitars. How many "pretty good" guitars are out there in humanity? Plus, the guitar is a perfect solo instrument, no friends required.

@mindshoot second gen X1 thinkPad. it works great. I run Linux (Lubuntu) with i3 window manager) no fancy gnome/kde desktop environment. its integral soundcard is not too good, but with external audio interfaces it's almost flawless. it's also very light and has a decent battery life.

after T42, and X200, it's my third thinkpad.

>>This week, Arlo Parks became the latest, cancelling a run of US shows and explaining how the relentless grind of the past 18 months had left her “exhausted and dangerously low”. Her decision followed Sam Fender’s announcement that he was cancelling his US tour support slots with Florence + the Machine due to burnout... <<

Why musicians are cancelling tours to protect their mental health

@lorenlepton it's a 'Mixing Station' application for android to control the Behringer XR18 mixer/audio-interface. it can control other similar mixers....

did a morning soundcheck, adjusted foh and backline speakers, , mic signal check, all systems seem to be working.

now in the evening — general rehearsal.


☁️💦💧Water Bodies💧💦☁️

our call for pitches now open through 12 OCT 2022

With riots and internet censorship in iran, there is an increase in tor traffic to be expected.
So if you have bandwidth and data there is an easy way to make your internet connection to a tor proxy with snowflake.

Tomorrom is a livestream again - last Thursday stream in a while, I'll be switching to Tuesdays next week!

Watch me explore things in :sccube: from 7:30pm CEST at the usual place:

Timezone conversion? mytime.io/7:30pm/CEST

@mxmxyz OK, asked the teacher:
the numbers refer to the inversion of the chord as follows:

7 – root position seventh chord
6/5 – first inversion seventh chord
4/3 – second inversion seventh chord
2 – third inversion seventh chord

the letters/symbols refer to the quality of the chord:
M – major
m – minor
V – dominant
o – diminished
ø – half-diminished

Easy-peasy, I guess???

Pre-orders are live! With only 8 days left before the official release date, it is now possible to pre-order the album. Either digital or cassette + digital. If you order the cassette now you will get it before anyone else 🙂


#weblate allows export of -.po files into csv or even xslx. if you give this to translators and they return let's say a xslx can you somehow convert or merge this to/with po? weblate, i presume, does not allow import of csv/xslx?



Part of my brain will now pretend I'm in Saskatchewan.


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