Sketch 35/100 Moving the Cold

waiting to grow
growing to move
moving this cold
to feel, to see

The sound is based on additive synthesis with slightly detuned harmonics, randomly selecting a fundamental frequency from the superpyth scale of the 22-tone tuning system.

The source code and more information about the project can be found on

📺 Pumzi by Wanuri Kahiu, Kenia 2009

Sci-Fi short film. A future world made uninhabitable by the ecological devastation that ensued after the Water Wars in the East African region.

if you feel bad asking for help remember how good it feels to give help

Teaching in 2021: half my job is repeating instructions in multiple modes for students who are bombarded with a world of too-much-information-all-the-damn-time.

Opinion: we use the word 'power' too much when talking about programming language design. Just leaving that word out naturally leads to more reflective and interesting work.

"The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought."
-- Sir Thomas Beecham, English conductor (1879 - 1961)

really interesting, challenging, 0-fcuks-given, exploratory set from zagreb-based producer N/OBE. the description of the set ends with "Not sorry for the noise.". it's very sound-artish, not too harsh. very special, very recommended. recommended if you want to hear something new.

(via some queer-pushing, progressive-thinking smart Ljubljana's people at Pritličje / Klub Monokel)

the T-states in my brain are lighting up like a bioluminescent deep sea critter

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Creepy guys on social media thoughts 

@TQ argh really gross. sorry you're getting this. some guys, dudebros, really don't have any manners or sensibilty what is ok and what not.

good nb gig moment 

The last time I played a gig with (one of my bands) was in August. After getting off stage and changing back into normie clothes our singer introduced me to a woman she was talking with. It took her some moments to realise I was the bass player from half an hour ago and she was like "oh snap, I thought you were a chick!"
"no, I'm actually nonbinary"
"well that's even cooler!"

that was a nice nb moment.

good nb gig moment 

@luka I sometimes play in a combo called Jody Cooper Band and I have a new punk rock project that will release something in the next months. It's called Marder im Fallrohr and I also do vocals there which is quite new to me. :)

btw have you listened to my last release, it's pretty good

I forgot to say I was perplexed why would anyone even...

i mean, what?

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