I can almost hear the silicon Valley pitch now: "It's like Mastodon... But with BLOCKCHAIN ™!!!"


In case you're not familiar, #qaul.net is a free software project that aims to connect people via ad-hoc mesh networks. Born out of the riots in Egypt in 2011, and the #freifunk project, it made Android phones able to create decentralised, internet-independent networks on the go, with very little technical knowledge required to set it up!

The project is currently grant funded and what I get most of my money for to live. WE have an IRC channel on freenode if you wanna say hi, and the above ML.

Hello #CreativeCommons loving world.

As the FreeMusicArchive situation is looking to be terrible forever going forward, I've been uploading to fill the gaps in my CC collections on Archive.

My CC work for Vulpiano Records is available there too, so if you want a mix of gleeful compositions, gainy rock, industrial horror noise, and bleepy synth #music
then: archive.org/search.php?query=c


@Lystrialle 3"/8cm 'single' cds, perhaps? They have a cute form factor and can be played in all cd players with a tray (or with adapter).


@OsirisSaline tell me more about this combination of italian coffee and music please

While I'm on the music train, if anyone who is not well off enough to sign up to Patreon/buy Bandcamp releases likes anything I do and would like a digital copy of something specific, get in touch somehow and let me know and I can send you a zip of whatever you enjoyed. Streaming is unreliable after all.

It'll all be free in 6 months time, but 6 months is a long time, and I appreciate people who like The Best Music.

Hedonistic poll 

helpful website and possible youtube alternative 

@dualhammers @eletrotupi i adore some good Sci-fi, possibly feminist. Ursula Le Guin, Octavia Butler...

@dualhammers @eletrotupi that makes me think about reading. Reading real life books (not on tablet) can be pretty cheap - just use a public library!

BTW does an e-ink reader count as a screen?

@dualhammers i don't do this but i feel it could do wonders to our 'virtualized' brains: pottery! Just using hands to mould from clay whatever comes to mind....

@Lutrinus yes, true, but why is there a perception that musician's body is less invested in turning small knobs? I played with doepfer drehbank (a simple 8x4 circular potentiometers 'bank' - a midi controller) for years and my body was quite exhausted after a half hour performance.

If you don't mind proprietary software on your Linux-based audio workstation, here's a new major release of a cheap but powerful cross-platform DAW from the makers of Winamp, Gnutella and Ninjam:


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