Delayed Creativity:

after I submit the dissertation
after I survive the /viva voce/
after I make the necessary corrections
after I graduate
I would so much like to create
choral settings of some

I keep forgetting to share this - I couldn't share it while I was working on it because it was a commission for someone as a gift for someone else, so I had to wait until they received it!

This took me out of my comfort zone something fierce and I kept doubting that I could pull it off, but I love how it came out. They wanted a mandala that looked like those blue ink porcelain floral patterns. It's coloured with Faber-Castell Pitt pens, which blend very nicely.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

@croqaz @Mischa @neauoire these are all very interesting. I'm (and have always been) very attracted to filesystem-as-database and pure text as a clean interface to note taking journaling work documentation etc etc.

NextCloud now has very clean txt/MD editors which means you still work with txt files and they can be distributed on all your devices or accessed online. Even if the cloud dies, the files are accessible in the filesystem. Clean.

"My need to be alone is balanced against my fear of what will happen when suddenly I enter the huge empty silence if I cannot find support there. I go up to Heaven and down to Hell in an hour, and keep alive only by imposing upon myself inexorable routines."

May Sarton on the Cure for Despair and Solitude as the Seedbed of Self-Discovery – Brain Pickings

every active musical artist in 1993 dropped a song titled "On & On" at exactly the same time

Let's get #butts trending for no reason because it's sunday night and work is a #butt

A quote i really really love 

@wohali can we archive the recording without the container (digitalize) - and let the container crumble back to soil after 18 months? ok i know that the digital file needs to be written somewhere, into another container. PSA / discuss / trending hashtags again 

What are some of your favourite good morning songs? Stuff that you want to play when you are getting up or preparing/eating breakfast? Or what you think would be good to play to wake you up and prepare you for the day.

new experiment: put most of the rack inside feedback path in the effect chain. Has possibility, but the dynamics were very hard to manage; some of it is bright, some of it is mud, and there are some frequencies I couldn't cleanup. Lots of fun tho.

#music #creativetoots #experimental

I'm just sorry the from which tapes are made is not very ecological material. I think tapes would be an interesting concept.

I wish I'd have time to read one Brain Pickings article every morning.


Maybe I should make time.

Am I too brusque? (death) 

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