Hi. I'm Lucija. I'm from Paris, France, I'm a developer/creative coder and I like to do researches on many scientific and creative fields. I speak French, English and I'm learning Spanish and Toki Pona.
I manage a streaming platform/netlabel/TOPLAP node called @neuvoids and Microparsec, a Discord server around arts and code. (discord.gg/td5ZU8A)

I'm on the fediverse since 2017.

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Kikimore (which we are releasing in 14 days) and rouge-ah (which we released in 2018) are playing live right now - sorry for the fb link:


pol, nz 

@Mr_Wurst well, the picture is not completely rosy - it was only this this march 2020 that abortion was decriminalized and I think they have very bad laws regarding net neutrality and/or online censorship... but I'm extremely excited about mrs ardern and more progressive leftist politics happening there. I'm a huge fan of the country.

what does it mean when everybody on online discussions/round-tables presentations change their backgrounds? Yes, it's a 'new playful background space' on one hand, but on the other, it's an interesting removal of background context. Just thinking about it, maybe someone have some thoughts or insights about it?

Feeling excited about amazing music we're planning to release next year at

Btw, our last release is a dark-ambient adventure by Lifecutter : Sub Persona. Available as nyp free download and USB booklet.


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@flavigula also there's ServerView quark (if i'm not mistaken) by scott: scsynth.org/t/screenshots-of-s

(didn't try this, but looks interesting)

@cb isn't there a 'Workflow' app for where you define automatic actions based on conditions?

covid19 aerosol transmission 

"A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air.

Here is an overview of the likelihood of infection in three everyday scenarios, based on the safety measures used and the length of exposure":


@celesteh I'm just asking because I'm thinking to write them a well-intentioned feedback and advise against zoom for music completely.

@celesteh have you done 'original audio' on zoom on Linux with some wide spectrum electronic/computer music?

@snowdusk the visuals contained graphic plates from a zine I designed/created for this project (a 8-channel sound installation) in the background, and some home-made glitched video clips on top with keyed out (made transparent) a lot of color. It's very easy with OBS.

@snowdusk no, the visuals are independent, a scene composited in OBS. The code is generating audio, though it's only part of it (there's more bits preloaded), it's more like I would be showing moving the volume sliders, triggering layers of sounds...

@setthemfree awful!!!

Yes, last night's thought me a good lesson what to unconditionally request. It's like basic requirement for digital streaming musician, perhaps? Like a DJ used not have to even say that she needs Technics SL-1200's (before the CDJ).

I like how the recent glitch Art festival fubar solved it with BigBlueButton, and performers simply shared a yt video stream embedded in the room. Jitsi has the same feature. Custom (non-yt) rtmp/embed would be best.

just performed for an online festival/symposium in Tel Aviv. They did it all through zoom and since the quality of audio is quite abysmal, we agreed I do it via a live stream on YouTube and they pick it up and send it to zoom with good quality. Well, it failed miserably - there was no sound at all on zoom and the image was all jerky with interuptions by the admin..

here's what it should've looked like there:


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