Majority of the project is in place. Now comments and corrections and polishing. Getting near the done status.

@randomdent Thank you! For the moment most of my sound experiments are livecoding things! I'm a big fan of @neauoire 's Orca 🙂 I have a few videos of my interactive work that feature some sounds I've made with Orca if you want see Jiggly Thing, Hairy Thing or Furries vids.

@celesteh ah, yeah!

i'm currently wrapped into chaos ugens in - discovering instead of composing. well, maybe it will amount to something...

Hey guys, just a friendly reminder that 3% of what the United States spends on war could end world hunger. Goodnight.

If you haven't heard it yet, I highly recommend you check out The Big Alliance Album (which was a fantastic collab with a BUNCH of talented folks):
and the song Midas on Koda's channel:

Two things:

1) add alt text to your images
2) follow @alt_text , who will gently remind you if you forget #1

some pretty amazing glitchy work incl. haunting pads - really lovely stuff... not for the dancefloor but for couch-nodding on complex beats and full of torn feels, ooha!

augury swore the skull of essence by sunnk

concert wardrobe, sewing 

btw, if somebody would like to do FocusMate-style with me, it can be arranged individually - all the rules apply (

i'm usually working most workdays from 10:00-16:00 CET. let's DM and schedule session for one of the next days, if you want.

after almost three days of wasting time with nothing in particular, I'm back with FocusMate and this coworking works like a charm.

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