did a morning soundcheck, adjusted foh and backline speakers, , mic signal check, all systems seem to be working.

now in the evening — general rehearsal.

video snippet from tonight (by Görkem Özdemir, thank you!)

huge thanks to @fileneed and all the artists I had a privilege sharing the stage with tonight

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thanks to :patreon: patrons and other supporters on Bandcamp

it is based on fm synthesis, spans some idm/experimental electronic genres, is libre and open source, and free to download/stream (name your price).


git: git.tmp.si/luka/ilex

the release is ready. three experimental tracks.

it's coming out tomorrow evening.

it's all
🔸 fm synthesis (mostly)
🔸 open source in git
:patreon: paid for by patrons
:bandcamp: on Bandcamp only
:peer_production: licence

support? - please
🔹 become my patron on :patreon: Patreon,
🔹 name-your-price for the digital download tomorrow / follow on :bandcamp: Bandcamp
🔹 or support me on :liberapay: .

all links are in my bio.

ok, it looks like I have two tracks for a new little EP in couple of days. inspired by FM synthesis.

aaand.. they come with full source files, finally again.

today's office.. erm.. studio.. er, lab!

just playing around building something up,

inspite seaside.

was reading on John Chowning and FM sysnthesis and was playing around. maybe something more finished comes out of it at some point.

there was somebody on scsynth.org that once wrote that he write everyday a thing, a composition and always starts with default whats-in-the-box blank. I was very inspired by that post.

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that eternal (or other creative coding environment) - to code your own platform/infrastructure, templating engine, or similar, or to always build everything "from scratch". In terms of mentioned environment - create a system of buses and effects to reuse as a lib everytime you want a write a track/composition, or to rewrite everything every time.

was looking today at as it is a and is close cousin

is it worth learning it?

'xenotopic networks'
is OUT NOW! :blobpats:

This release takes algorhythmic and sound design experiments I worked on for my performance trans.fail/xenotopic.network into slightly more polished realm.

Please enjoy and support if you like it and can afford.

:cc_cc: :cc_sa: :cc_by: :bandcamp:


question for more experiences Pattern jedis:

Pshuf([0,1,2,3,4,5], 4)

shuffles the pattern and repeats that shuffled pattern four times before shuffling again.

what if I want that sequence to always start with 0, and the rest of of pattern shuffled (without 0) and that whole pattern repeated 4 times?

Pseq([0]) ++ Pshuf([1,2,3,4,5], 4)

is not quite what achieves that.

Prout is probably one option, but is there another?

TFW your english as not first language betrays you.

in the explanation for Pxrand is that it takes randomly from a list, but never same element twice in a row. I always thought that means that the list is a row, so that it always shuffles the while list and never repeats the same element before it gets till the 'end of the list'. Instead it just means it will not repeat one element twice one ofter the other.


premiere is behind me.
it was really hard to make it,
I was really stressed last few weeks,
but I did it.
it wasn't bad.
feedback was quite good.
hope to polish it and play it more.

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