Today I finished "Understanding Streams, Patterns, and Events" tutorial and my head is spinning a little. It's not _that_ new material, but there's some depth to it, subjectively speaking, that is just a bit overwhelming. But I feel I'm progressing, which is totally very good.

On the other hand I had three (3!) no shows today on .

Among other things today I worked through a part of streams-patterns-events tutorial. It seems like understanding these concepts is crucial for me to advance in my projects (forthcoming). I feel I need to continue with daily work and repeat repeat repeat, looking at it from different angles and use these functions/methods in various sessions to really get it and imprint it in memory. Learning by doing.

At the rehearsal trying out video (using ) and sound ( - from which I'm sending OSC to control video sketch).

Also, stage is full of chairs.

I just realized... you know, in light of the modular racks craze... is totally like infinite rack modular, with a key difference: you also construct your own modules however you want!

:blobcheeky: :blobcoffee:

I'm playing around with programatically taking snippets from random tracks and experimenting, trying to create different clusters in time.

What you here are two clusters - one is composed with shorter snippets, the other with slightly longer ones. Some of the snippets are the same every time, some of them are not. I'm testing the edge of perception of differences and time.

Some added dark granulation in the background for added value.

Fresh install on a new debian-based (Ubuntu Mate here) box, I compiled and install from source and wrote some notes. Maybe they help someone:

Emacs wizards advice wanted! 

People are buying tickets at the door looking in so I'm playing some code from my album Antigone Child for 'general ambience'

here's a little infinite ambiental meditation I wrote for

I came to this via playing around with scales and remembered about watching someone online talking about mixolydian scale with flat 6 (a descening melodic minor scale of iv)

Managed to connect multitouch-screen library for with via OSC.

Thanks to a hint from SC forum (thanks loopier!)

I also had that little epiphany how the whole thing should look at the end, well, we'll see. I must take care to not loose myself in little technical functionalities and do some broad brush strokes across the digital canvas of ..

creative ...


Time to go home to bed.

Here we go again. General rehearsal for tomorrow's rerun. Later on tonight an AV performance Interface Fractures V on a façade of Muséum of Contemporary Art.

compiling 3.10.2 to see if multi-touch support works again?

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