i promise next time the usb will contain minimalist live (linux) OS with already installed and all the album's code

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In more positive news dept., finally the USB gatefold has been manufactured! While I'm getting the proper 'pro' photos done in a few days, here's that 'I'm-too-excited-not-to-share-it' shitty photos of it. (they are 10€ via my bandcamp).

:bandcamp: :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:


>>Have a look at the examples, mess around with the numbers and check the docs. Use your ears and find stuff you think sounds cool. Do a lil bit every day and stick with it. You’ll find your way in no time. <<

The best and most powerful method to learn . Me approve.


I feel that publishing a release and its source code in a nice format is quite an achievement since I always wanted to communicate about different layers of sound making and it was an ideal to be able to do that in this kind of app-agnostic textual way in the sense "yeah x sound is made like this, look here" and it would be immediately clear how a synth is constructed just by reading the code in any browser (ok, knowledge is a requisite here, but still)

workin on some weird repetitive 'online found footage' video/audio clips processed in and . not sure where this is going but it has strong sexual (in that classic hypersexualisation of female bodies) and anxious vibe to it. i'm thinking about deleuzean definition of fetish as a frozen image, but here it's frozen moving images.

so hard to find the right position (edge? border?) between conceptual and emotional, formalist and organic (authentic?).

(as in segment, not sequence)
is a g-dsend!

It works independently from notes times defined by \dur in a Pbind.

This album is written in in a single .scd file that is free to use and remix.


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i wrapped up the master recording for tomorrow's release.

also the code is updated and pushed to git. if you have with SC3-plugins you can already find the album and listen to it,, uigh!!!

but tomorrow is the :bandcamp: release day!

December 2:

This feels like a finished algorhythic piece.

I took code from a first msg in a sc-users thread started by Nick Collins/Clicksonnil/Sick Lincoln (listarc.bham.ac.uk/lists/sc-us) and expanded it. At the core is the 'least common multiple' - lcm

code git.tmp.si/luka/SuperCollider-



this is my attempt at crossfading from to something regular-ish, simply posting those little snippets and various experiments from Workspace.

So how should we call/tag it? I suggest (via FactMag)

code: git.tmp.si/luka/SuperCollider-

:cc_cc: :cc_pd:

@noisevember @PatchNotes

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I use SCel most of the time ( in ), but once a week I also "teach" (more like skill-sharing), and I have to do it in SCIDE, so I'm getting used to ctrl-. to stop sound and now when I'm working in Emacs (where sound is stopped with Ctrl-C-S) I keep on typing ctrl-.

so confusing!!


.loadRelative(warn: true, action)

Load and execute the file at the path represented by the receiver, interpreting the path as relative to the current document or text file. Requires that the file has been saved. This can be used e.g. to load initialization code from files in the same folder.

(via @setthemfree)

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