Ideologically, the scene differs from its international counterparts because of its foundation, which is built on trust and a desire to help one another, rather than competing for global exposure. [Many artists can loan equipment from] EMS via a trust-based system. Additionally, much of the code that artists create with , a programming language and environment used by many drone musicians in Stockholm, is open source and available for all to use.

here's a sketch, coming from two tasks

1) I created a synthDef that oscilates buffers with single cycle waveforms - taken from Adventure Kid Wave Forms pack...

2) playing around with patterns again - especially making melodic repetition non repetitive but still repetitive.

(source without samples

rerun of 's "Just For Today" performance tonight. We have reduced seating with 1.5m apart (cca).

I'm doing live sound via and , also using minibees (made also by @nescivi) and sensors on dancers bodies.

I created two 'music videos' for "Of Judy Stroat" from video footage from this piece:

more about this (i think pretty awesome) work for 5 dancers:

cc @0ssA

Next month we are preparing a new release at - a netlabel day compilation called 'Access Frame: Equity'. We were quite successful with contacting local soundmakers and it's a 20-tracker of various electronic genres. Today I finished my contribution. It's made with various tools: and portable analogue cassette players.

It feels good!

Happy to report a pretty successful on 8-channels tonight, using only code without any GUI, just evaluating prepared bits and pieces, .set-ing some arguments, using control busses for LFO to arguments, and also combining with Ndef-way of crossfading changes. Recorded sound of the room into buffers and granulating, it all came together pretty immersive and multilayered. People seemed to got into it ('pretty trancey'). Recorded 40min to Ardour, let's see what happens.

TIL that Ndef is less complicated alternative to ProxySpace.


I really really can't get rid of the idea of open source albums/releases written in

Also, yesterday it occured to me that whole sections of composition could be algoritmically (or randomly) rearranged at each play.

TFW you feel superbadass because you organized your code for the 8-channel composition in a git repo with special branch dedicated to the 8chan installation, while master branch is stereo version. Including a push online to your own gitea instance.

here's an actual "track" made from three different layers of the pretty much same thing above (Lorenz attractor driving intervals/melody and durations)

learning a lot as I'm more and more comfortable with this amazing language.

I'm looking to creating a git commit over the old code on my gitea instance.

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devs are pleased to announce the release of SuperCollider 3.11. Downloads and release details are available here:

today it seemed like it was almost too easy to work with busses - audio and control ones - and map them to existing arguments of already running Synths. the last time I tried to do that, it just didn't work and I was lost and didn't know what is going on. I didn't know much I guess. But it seems these days things - the code I write - just works, often.

And I found out about Eulerroom Equinox livecoding event:

these days, when I'm listening to electronic dance music tracks (not EDM!) I can't fight the urge to imagine how what I'm hearing could be done with Pbinds and SynthDefs in

The performance was amazing, 60min long, full of feedback resonances produced modulated via piece of glass with various objects put and moved on it by two performers.

After it, in a short chat with artists, I found out not only is Ji using but she is on Linux, and using . Hello.

(... The funny thing is, this was the third time today that I'm coming across sound transducers [speakers that transform voltage (audio) into vibration] ....)


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bass layer, draft. I guess I could build something arround this at some point (beats, strings, chords, progressions)

"compromised" sctoot follows in thread. meanwhile full version is here:

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