i'm looking for a C/C++/QT programmer who would make multitouch in GUI system work.

I need this for my project and I have a small budget so I'm prepared to pay for this work.

pls boost. dm/email me if you're interested.


it's essentially just:

dur: Pseq([2,1,2,3,4]/8, inf),

degree: Pseq([0,6,2,7,1,4], inf),

mtranspose: Pseq([
Pn(0,5), Pn(-2,5), Pn(3,5)
], inf),

scale: Scale.minor(\just),

+ and some detuning in the synth itself and octave param to Pbind...

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I'll just leave this here:



premiere day

i want to fix some things in audio still but otherwise we are ok

yesterday on the general rehearsal i fucked up because I pressed spacebar to stop the transport in but custom GUI (written n ) was active window and spacebar pressed the last pressed button which was playing the last cue and stopped it!

so yesterday night i found a way how to disable that. it won't happen anymore.

would really like to do this distance learning MA by research at this UK uni but it really lools like too big a pile of money

in other news Ardour crash ate my work. it might haven't been Ardour's fault actually

in more other news, my head hurts from trying to solve a complex and dynamic problem in while the rehearsals are running

Traven is OUT now!

Another opensource two-tracker release of some computermusic weirdness made in .

Please enjoy.

(please boost)


(both audio and code published under PP:BY-SA-NC licence)

I _could_ be done. Like, I don't know if I am. Two tracks finished. Recording. Landrmastering (who knows). Longer structures are hard in . But it's almost done. the release should be out by the end of the week.

tomorrow a very special rendition of M. Delak's piece for 5 contemporary performers called "Just for Today"

if you are into slow evolving art, somewhat aesthetically bare/stripped down, (my) sounds, or any stage art for that matter, you'd not want to miss this. Not sure if we'll ever do this again in this way.

tix.emanat.si (DAMAGE: 5€)

tomorrow, Tue. 20.4 - 20:00 CEST mytime.io/8pm/CEST

did some livecoding and recorded the session - it's for Creative Coding Utrecht and their series on 'Behind The Screens'


:peertube: diode.zone/videos/watch/41cee3

worked on some code in emacs Workspace temporary buffer for quite some time, left to the kitchen for a snack when I came back the machine was frozen. lost the work. this buffer is not backed up :blobpats:

a scifi story unraveling in the SC's post window while the beats hammer away

I want to explore the textual narrative possibilities of post window

So it seems like I will be releasing a short open-source EP by the end of the month and have given my patrons an early access to one of the tracks.

Become my patron on if you'd like to hear it now and support libre and open source music.


(I'm also planning to launch Bandcamp subscriptions soon if you'd prefer that)

arrived. notified my fellow modular synth obsessive musician friend who I will collaborate with on this. i plan to write series of patches for it and experiment and see what works or not. i will slap my name on it at the end. maybe just metaphorically. most probably will publish code for others to use if they want. really looking forward to this. i already plugged it into USB on a laptop and it worked out of the box - i just opened http://bela.local and had web IDE.

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