today's federation blocks on (so far): PSA, reproductive justice 

making abortion illegal or in any way difficult to access is discrimination based on gender.

since our () code of conduct states that we will not tolerate any discrimination or promotion of discrimination based on (among others) gender, voicing an opinion, or promoting or responding in any so-called "pro-life" way, is considered breach of that code of conduct.

@draco before I bug the admin at would you have any idea why your toots don't appear in local timeline of (at least for me)?

@flavigula can I ask you if you see @draco's posts in local timeline?

just to let interested parties know:
the other day I updated my LiberaPay account with Stripe data, so now those of you who want to throw money at me for whatever weird reason (mastodon instances , my music work [], Basspistol consultation(!), or something else) you can now bypass PayPal with direct creditcard (recurring) payment, and if you're EU-based can setup direct SEPA charge too.

Stripe & LiberaPay:

welcome @icaria36 and @fmajor7add9 to

it's helpful to introduce yourself to fediverse with a toot with an "introduction" hashtag.

looking forward to hang out!

meet your locals:

@flavigula @phoe (both also s.c mods) @kf @rghvdberg @dried @jine @draco @js0000 @hider @june @gavcloud @mcdc @Lystrialle @eid @artsyhonker @tim @drkmbnt @ics @Eidon

SoNoMuClub, PSA, fediblock 

PSA - suspending/blocking - freeze peach, more or less. "This server is a open speech zone, more or less." admin is anti-black, transphobic and ableist.

@hider welcome to the ! I hope your stay will be as great as possible. Don't hesitate to let me know about any questions or quips you might have.

Good morning fediverse and my posse ! Don't let Monday get you down. It's a new day, it's a new week, let's make a move! In any case, mucha 💙💚💜💛 to y'all.

nope, still not feeling too good about my account on pixelfed. this is not saying anyting about the pixelfed software, but a lot about my own preference of not fragmenting my posts on too many different platforms. I can (and want) to post my mobilephotography on masto () just as well, so here's where I'll be also with my pix (

Well, it seems that due to the covid19 crisis we completely missed 1 year anniversary (6.april) of mastodon instance!

I must say I'm extremely happy with our local timeline. The strategy of requiring people to get in touch to get an account proved very efficient in maintaining incredible s/n ratio.

I'm grateful to all of you who are filling our local timeline with amazing music and noisemaking stories of your sound adventures.

Also, to our patrons, a big thank you!

I'm so effin happy about local timeline being full of sonic creativity! Thank you!

If you are active on music field and want to contribute to a timeline by a group of creatives doing a wide variety of sound/noise/music in many forms, read

I must say that I'm very happy with our local timeline. Thanks everyone on who is posting and making it a cosy safe and kind space. Let's stay excellent to each other (it almost goes without saying) and keep on sharing your sonic musical noisy adventures!


Hey , just a reminder that I truly appreciate how you are creating our instance's local timeline to be full interesting and beautiful creations. Keep doing that! Musicmaking is mysterious adventure (and often slow disciplined work). Thank you!

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