I must say that I'm very happy with our local timeline. Thanks everyone on sonomu.club who is posting and making it a cosy safe and kind space. Let's stay excellent to each other (it almost goes without saying) and keep on sharing your sonic musical noisy adventures!


Hey , just a reminder that I truly appreciate how you are creating our instance's local timeline to be full interesting and beautiful creations. Keep doing that! Musicmaking is mysterious adventure (and often slow disciplined work). Thank you!

I negleted welcomes - please enjoy and take care of our localtimelines and this (hopefully) safe space for musicians and noisers of all kinds:



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i was pretty busy to be able to take extra community care of this space for the last few months or so, I apologize! I'm happy to see that we are now at 24 users total, and the admin dashboard reports 21 active and almost 300 interactions this week. The Local timeline is now pretty alive, which is amazing. Personally I'm especially happy to see musicaly (or production) focused threads.


sonomu.club PSA, domain blocks 

sonomu.club PSA, domain blocks 

sonomu.club PSA: domain block 

PSA SoNoMu.club, domain block 

Sonomu.Club local PSA 

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Ok, I have now setup a team on LiberaPay, and you can contribute to expenses of if you want.


local PSA!

Into the third day of life of sonomu.club - I'm happy to welcome new members!


Enjoy your stay!

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is now 1 day old!
its birthday is 6th April 2019.

the birth was smooth - it took half a day to have functional domain and instance up without much effort also thanks to amazing @mastohost

i'd like to welcome first members:


let's see what happens.

to the happy SoundNoiseMusic-making!


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