I'm a computer musician making:

⇒ various forms of electro-funk and bass

⇒ ambiental drone, noise and sonic experiments

⇒ expanded cinema & projects

I also:
⇒ do
⇒ run a small local "Kamizdat" w/ boutique physical releases
⇒ use &

support art-making via & (link in bio)

Traven is OUT now!

Another opensource two-tracker release of some computermusic weirdness made in .

Please enjoy.

(please boost)


(both audio and code published under PP:BY-SA-NC licence)

welcome @icaria36 and @fmajor7add9 to

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looking forward to hang out!

meet your locals:

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we've been very lucky this month wrt two December releases:

🔸Kikimore (and their album Sigil) got a one ful page (incl. a photo) feature in February issue of the Wire magazine thewire.co.uk/issues/444

🔸ala pecula's track from FCKXMS compilation got featured in downloads section of XLR8R+ webmagazine with a nice write-up about the release and label (few errors there tho) xlr8r.com/mp3/download-ala-pec

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it's today. :bandcamp:

feel free to support your favourite musicians and independent labels with what you can afford, because they will get all proceeds (BC waives their usual 10%/15% cut).

find my stuff at lukaprincic.bandcamp.com/

... and boost!

Just heard this song on our local radio while driving and made me goosebump.

Horns Surrounding Me by Julia Holter

I'm so effin happy about local timeline being full of sonic creativity! Thank you!

If you are active on music field and want to contribute to a timeline by a group of creatives doing a wide variety of sound/noise/music in many forms, read sonomu.club/@luka/101880551265

I just made an album (collection of tracks) held privately from 2015 available to public. It's incidental music to Matija Ferlin's 'Staging a Play: The Glass Menagerie' dance piece.

:bandcamp: music.lukaprincic.si/album/sta

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had great fun with transpositions within Pbind.

I especially think "\mtransposition" - modal transposition is underexplored ATM.

not proper because code is more than 1000 characters, so outside link is necessary, but anyway.. enjoy.


this is so beautiful - a long misty story of ebb and flow, like a dream, not slow all the time, with many different spaces therein. imaginative, suggestive, immersive work. quality, as always, from Jason Corder

Layers of Memory in the Quiet Voice of Motion
by offthesky & Bill Seaman


Hey , just a reminder that I truly appreciate how you are creating our instance's local timeline to be full interesting and beautiful creations. Keep doing that! Musicmaking is mysterious adventure (and often slow disciplined work). Thank you!

Cristobal de Morales - Officium Defunctorum, Missa pro Defunctis - Jordi Savall (from local flac file - 1h12m)


ps: also questioning the conection between and this , ah.

Ida Hiršenfelder a.k.a beepblip is a Ljubljana-based archivist and -ist. She is interested in the history of media, archives and their disappearance, media archeology, and philosophy of temporality. In the context of sound art, she is specifically interested in bioacoustics and microtonal . She composes experimental with the use of analogue , field recordings, and computer manipulations.

:bandcamp: beepblip.bandcamp.com/album/no

At net-label we are proud to present a longform composition by Saša Spačal & crickets Acheta Domesticus titled TRANSVERSAL IS A LOOP

Free (name-your-price) downloads, Bandcamp streaming and limited edition USB drive in a handmade handbound remixable booklet form.

Please share around!

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"...the scene in right now has many strong female artists – not only in but also in art and intermedia, there are many artists really pushing the boundaries and getting a lot of international recognition. And there’s a lot of cooperation between women on the alternative-activist scene, which definitely makes a big difference."

Kikimore is a female noise collective from featured on 'shape' platform and probably releasing on in 2020.


Hey all, today is

We () didn't make it this year, but it's a great opportunity to support those who are enriching the public commons and think about the stronghold on music creativity of content industry via copyright laws and collecting societies. For many, the system is broken and rewards those with wealth in greater amounts.


wider tag net via m.s:


It's such times now.
I AM interested in my community of /#art adventurers - perhaps they are those who are interested in my work. I AM interested in having a relationship with them - but how to do it without too often saying I'm grateful, I'm thankful, I'm sooo happy for the support? I'm looking into different wordings, discourses that don't sound .... cheap(?), but are expressing welcomeness, availability, vulnerability, the need for your own tribe

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