maybe this comes handy to someone - two years ago I recorded a 6 hours long live DJ session with ardour and for some reason the audio files claimed they are only 20 minutes long even they were over 4 Gb big.

today I solved this with the amazing like this:

sox --ignore-length -M -c 1 Audio-1%L.wav --ignore-length -c 1 Audio-1%R.wav -b 16 -c 2 -r 48000 output.flac

ec, selfie, makeup, drag 

on sunday I had a premiere of online performance '', and I (and my studio) looked something like this...

i managed to run DeVerberate windows VST in Carla via wine - it had number of xruns, so it was not a tight realtime operation, but I managed to record number of takes and edit them together so it works.

but I'm wondering if I can run Wine in a more low-latency fashion.

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hey fedi hive, halp!

dereverb plugin for speech?

( ala SPL (Deverb), Dyvision (Reverb Remover) and Zynaptic (Unveil) )

please boost

i could never achieve lower latency jackd setting than 128 samples with 2 periods on my Behringer X-Air XR18 without glitchy audio.

the other day I connected to Behringer X32 mixer at the venue and was able to have clean 64samples at 2 periods latency.

anyone can explain that?

here's a sketch, coming from two tasks

1) I created a synthDef that oscilates buffers with single cycle waveforms - taken from Adventure Kid Wave Forms pack...

2) playing around with patterns again - especially making melodic repetition non repetitive but still repetitive.

(source without samples

little bit from today's exploration.

imagine plant roots, soil, bugs, bacteria, fungi eating moving recycling...

Yesterday I performed Interface Fractures V. (the fifth, the last episode) audio-visual performance/composition at IZIS festival in Izola, at the Slovenian seaside. Really warm and nice bunch of people - organizers and audience alike.

I've done a lot in this few hours of saturday afternoon. Cassette tapes are prepared, another glitchy soundscape for the third scene is also ready. Also thanks to .

Working on fixing the audio on a video recording of a dance show with a lot of silence and mostly quiet music, but also couple or three proper loud tracks. After exporting audio from mts file with ffmpeg i tried to get decent limiting done with sox but gave up at the end (any sox wizard around to explain compander effect parameters beyond manpage?) ended fixing everything nicely and comfy in with a CALF limiter. Will now reimport audio with ffmpeg and ->mp4.

Instead of giving a statement for the radio over the phone I rather recorded it and added some saturation and eq-ing and sent it to them.

Been testing the audio from for tomorrow and it looks ogg Vorbis encoding is somewhat buggy. Don't have time to debug, but the solution is simple: take it outside of Mixxx - , a jack-aware command-line audio streaming client for written almost 20 years ago. Rock solid!

Looks like simultaneous recording of Mixxx's master-out to works ok.

audio to mp4 for masto 

script for masto-ready video:

paste these three lines into a text editor:


ffmpeg -hide_banner -loglevel warning -y -i "$1" -lavfi showwavespic=colors=white:s=900x400 /tmp/waveform.png

ffmpeg -hide_banner -loglevel warning -loop 1 -i /tmp/waveform.png -i "$1" -y -shortest -pix_fmt yuv420p -b:a 360k "$1".mp4

save it as in a folder called "bin" in your home folder

make it executable:
$ chmod u+x ~/bin/


Rehearsal for Wednesday. Ardour mashing old schlagers from Yugoslavia. CALF plug-ins. Creating a new number on a weird original mash-up music that combines Tchaikovsky Swan lake with samba and Balkan balalajka (!!) (will share that soon too)

Icecast is a streaming media (audio/video) server which currently supports Ogg (Vorbis and Theora), Opus, WebM and MP3 streams.
It can be used to create an Internet radio station or a privately running jukebox and many things in between.

Darkice is a simple command-line streamer that takes audio input from jack or alsa input and streams it in Ogg Vorbis to icecast server.

Both are easy to install on Debian via apt (icecast2 & darkice)


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