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allow me to daydream a bit...

next level for our :cc_cc: netlabel : - bandcamp label subscriptions with early access and exclusive outtakes

After yesterday's burial slowly getting back to work.

Here's, finally, home-run bash-powered USB duplication service of album by - digital already out, physically finalizing right now.

At net-label we are proud to present a longform composition by Saša Spačal & crickets Acheta Domesticus titled TRANSVERSAL IS A LOOP

Free (name-your-price) downloads, Bandcamp streaming and limited edition USB drive in a handmade handbound remixable booklet form.

Please share around!

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

"...the scene in right now has many strong female artists – not only in but also in art and intermedia, there are many artists really pushing the boundaries and getting a lot of international recognition. And there’s a lot of cooperation between women on the alternative-activist scene, which definitely makes a big difference."

Kikimore is a female noise collective from featured on 'shape' platform and probably releasing on in 2020.

So we got an order (first of this kind) to send a usb booklet to China. The postal information is all in Chinese apart from zip code and country (China obv.). Should I just print the address and postal service will know what to do?

Woke up to loads of new notifications from Bandcamp (app for artists/labels).
People following the label and leaving 50¢ here and there.


We'll be releasing a new EP from BeatMyth in few hours.

Five of six artists featured in this 'Bandcamp Daily' article about Slovenian experimental electronic music scene come from our netlabel ! Uhhh!

Hey all, today is

We () didn't make it this year, but it's a great opportunity to support those who are enriching the public commons and think about the stronghold on music creativity of content industry via copyright laws and collecting societies. For many, the system is broken and rewards those with wealth in greater amounts.

wider tag net via m.s:

Successfuly imported a video directly from YouTube to :peertube: instance. It's a track by my good friend under the alias BeatMyth where I contributed some rapping vocals.

Oh, lovely local student playing my work and surprising me on the car ride.

Here's a meditative trip-hop-ish song from 2013:
Love Song | Wanda & Nova deViator

Physical copies of lovely wooden USB in a hand-made box with booklet (first limited edition!) still available.

Finally duplicating and numbering this amazing album. If you ordered one, it will be on your way today. There's only 4 of them left if you didn't.

On the local (student) speaking about our netlabel in English (supposedly this show is gonna go around Europe through a network of independent radios - Germany, France, Croatia..

I love radio. I'm grateful we have this station here.


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