my/our new release "Image Snatchers 3" IS OUT NOW!

"The reshuffled team of The Feminalz present themselves with five new tracks and deliver what they are best at, a mix of instrumental club hits and verbose, text-based songs, which function both as performance acts and as repeatable recordings.

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tonight we are this live edition of Rentgen nightline with myself presenting a new release called 'Technoburlesque - Image Snatchers 3' with some disco-pop-trap cuts. before me amazing .

Also watchout for the actual release later in the evening, mastered by amazing @openmastering with a fully FLOSS chain.


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the day progresses succesfuly - already done some customer sysadmin, and drew a technical sketch for some experiement in industrial design (custom usb stick?!). trying to establish some new collaborators - especially ones making laser and CNC cutting in a small workshop and have love towards art experiments. I hope, I really hope everything works out for 26/may!

possible new direction with our custom handmade USB flash drives for our releases - laser cut wood ... will know more next week... exciting.

i have one finished track, and three DEMO versions - at 70-90%. another remix from scratch planned - that's the goal - 5 tracks for this release end of may.

very funk-disco and trap (not within one track unfortunately)

"Stagnat is an electronic a/v project of two Slovenian artists, living between Vienna and Ljubljana. Their outburst is a result of a thrive for a joined musical expression and a continuation of the past visually-centered artistic endeavors. The result is of experimental nature, techno with a darker shade, with a ruckus of a passing train, chaotic bird singing, a path into a gray morning with a resentful teenage angst."

more? follow @kamizdat

"...this all-killer-no-filler bonanza of galloping distorted kicks, sinewy sandpaper synths and transfixing modular bangs feels like a nod to blackened death metal. It's a punishing, macabre techno record, which I can more easily envision being performed in a club filled with headbanging metalheads wearing tees with barely readable fonts than fist-pumping ravers with neon bracelets and pacifiers."

"With this EP, Zergon outlines an engineering concept in artistic terms, with music that stands on its own. This is popular science at its musical best."

--Maria Ustimenko,

here's a taste for the album coming out later in the day and live event (come to Ljubljana's Kino Šiška or watch/listen to online stream at 20hCEST)

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good morning

today we are releasing another amazing musical outing - an album 'Atlatl' by , a collaboration between our label pals and

we'll also be streaming tonight's live concert as part of our series 20:00 CEST ( via

more at

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