It's release day! At we proudly present a pretty awesome electronic EP by Shekuza. OUT NOW - shekuza.bandcamp.com/album/cor
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It's Kamizdat Rentgen time - day for live music - locally and via stream! Shekuza trio (modular+percusionista+visualista) + Terranigma (+ visualista) + Nulla youtu.be/DXNqaiw0PYs

It's :bandcamp: bandcamp.com Day! Labels/artists get 100% of what you pay (minus PayPal fees). Support independent musicmaking!

On Friday we are releasing a new EP by Shekuza, whose last year's album we sold out (and actually reprinted for a B series) and today we have published a fresh video for the title track! Enjoy!

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If you have an account on you can follow and interact (💙 and comment) in artists' and labels' communities (this was possible through :bandcamp: app only, but is now possible also via web)


It's a ! proudly presents 20 unreleased tracks from : "Access Frame: Equity".

Compilation series tries to establish a practice of thinking critically about access to, and distribution of, art. It poses a question: what is the frame through which we are allowed, and able, to access culture? How is it created, by whom, and can such frame of access be modified and transgressed?




we (at ) will be doing Netlabel Day this year - again. It seems we manage to do it every second year. It's now becoming a traditional serie of compilations called "Access Frame". This year's theme is "Equity" (after Property and Collectivity in 2016 and 2018 rspct.) Contributions are collected via a call sent to a network of slovenian music-makers. This year it's 20 tracks! We'll also do live/DJ event with 5 artists and 4hour stream. It's on 14th July!


Next month we are preparing a new release at - a netlabel day compilation called 'Access Frame: Equity'. We were quite successful with contacting local soundmakers and it's a 20-tracker of various electronic genres. Today I finished my contribution. It's made with various tools: and portable analogue cassette players.

It feels good!

is a Slovene freeform focused on releasing music by local artists. Since 2006, all digital releases are downloadable for free and under :cc_cc: licences, while the collaboration with local artisans results in unique and imaginative packaging for limited physical hand-made editions.

▶️ terranigma.bandcamp.com/album/
:bandcamp: kamizdat.bandcamp.com

🌐 kamizdat.si
📺 daily.bandcamp.com/2019/07/17/
📘 musicmap.global/article/kamizd

Here's a short excerpt from my good friend whom we released on our label too...

Lifecutter @ Sonica - Kino Šiška w Giant Swan part 1


get his work: lifecutter.bandcamp.com/

the tonight's show on tv.emanat.si (20:00 CET) doesn't have an official trailer, but it has an album of 'outtakes' released on our label, and a short glitchy video, that can work as a teaser to the album and show "Sad Sam Lucky" by Matija Ferlin, which I really recomend to watch.




But first...
0) coffee
1) clearly stated mission and values.

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allow me to daydream a bit...

next level for our :cc_cc: netlabel : - bandcamp label subscriptions with early access and exclusive outtakes

After yesterday's burial slowly getting back to work.

Here's, finally, home-run bash-powered USB duplication service of album by - digital already out, physically finalizing right now.

At net-label we are proud to present a longform composition by Saša Spačal & crickets Acheta Domesticus titled TRANSVERSAL IS A LOOP

Free (name-your-price) downloads, Bandcamp streaming and limited edition USB drive in a handmade handbound remixable booklet form.

Please share around!

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"...the scene in right now has many strong female artists – not only in but also in art and intermedia, there are many artists really pushing the boundaries and getting a lot of international recognition. And there’s a lot of cooperation between women on the alternative-activist scene, which definitely makes a big difference."

Kikimore is a female noise collective from featured on 'shape' platform and probably releasing on in 2020.


So we got an order (first of this kind) to send a usb booklet to China. The postal information is all in Chinese apart from zip code and country (China obv.). Should I just print the address and postal service will know what to do?

Woke up to loads of new notifications from Bandcamp (app for artists/labels).
People following the label and leaving 50¢ here and there.


We'll be releasing a new EP from BeatMyth in few hours.

Five of six artists featured in this 'Bandcamp Daily' article about Slovenian experimental electronic music scene come from our netlabel ! Uhhh!


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