Our latest release is out now! I highly recommend this high-sound-design electronic glitchy pulsating soundscape-y series of chapters by


Also, live concert is happening tonight 20:00 CET via live.pretok.tv () featuring with our August release artist 08080.bandcamp.com

CET not your timezone? mytime.io/8pm/CEST

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we just released a new work, a debut release by local musician, sound designer, engineer and visual artist 08080.

it's name-your-price free download.

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08080 (Jure Anžiček) is a producer, interested in modular and analog electronics. He is also a member of Ansambel PRSA. In August he’ll be releasing his debut album at .

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ala pecula ⋅ antonym21
“Mysterious and tender electronics” from an anonymous electronic artist from Slovenia. ala pecula is a project dedicated to sound exploration by an artist that in the past decade made sonic appearances through various collaboration and experimental research of sound and video.

antonym21 is a sound exploration of monstrosity through process of mourning and the invariable clarity of beauty.

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beepblip (Ida Hiršenfelder) is a sound artist and archivist. She makes immersive bleepy psychogeographical soundscapes by use of analogue electronics, DIY and modular synths, field recordings and computer manipulations. She is interested in bioacoustics, experimental and microtonal music.

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Gisaza is a producer, who researches the genres of dub and dubstep.

Umdhlebi is an noise artist, who explores darker themes and ambient sounds.

Although they both frequently collaborate with various artists, this is their first group recording.

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MARKA SAN is a producer, who manages the record labels DeepEnd! and NO KLAN recordings. “Nothing much going on, just some random creepy schizophrenic offbeat rhythm that will hunt you in your sweet dreams of reality. But hey, we are still alive.”

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Yanoosh (Januš Aleš Luznar) is a producer and a sound researcher. In the recent years he has become known for his ongoing research series ICTUSCORDIS in which he studies the heartbeat as an instrument.

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:bandcamp: kamizdat.bandcamp.com/track/in

(check his album we released early this year :bandcamp: yanooshmusicproductions.bandca)

2xp (Peter Pahor) is a producer from the Slovenian coast who has been making music with his computer and guitar for about a decade. His electronic music typically draws from “IDM” influences, but he sometimes also ventures into ambient/downtempo waters.

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:bandcamp: kamizdat.bandcamp.com/track/ul

Live stream tonight
Rentgen: Access Frame Monstrosity / Netlabel Day 2021

* Marka San
* beepblip
* Slowmotion Livestream
* dvidevat (dj set)

18:00-22:00 CEST
live.pretok.tv ()

download/buy/stream compilation with 25 exclusive tracks: kamizdat.bandcamp.com/album/ac (will be fully published in few hours)

Access Frame: Monstrosity, a 25-track compilation by local Slovenian talent prepared for tomorrow's is now available as a preorder on :bandcamp: . :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

There will also be a chill local live event with performances by four artists, available via online stream to outernational audiences. 18-22 (CEST). Watch this space.


after tonight's DJ sets by dvidevat and Nulla there's also their release “068/078-1“ that came out today: pretty awesome breaks & electro complementing each other beautifully.

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Tell everyone about it!


"By way of a biofeedback method, Luznar very precisely and in real time adds effects to the sounds of the heart, thus manipulating their intensity and taking the listeners on a journey through a variety of emotional states."

Our () new release.

:bandcamp: yanooshmusicproductions.bandca

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we've been very lucky this month wrt two December releases:

🔸Kikimore (and their album Sigil) got a one ful page (incl. a photo) feature in February issue of the Wire magazine thewire.co.uk/issues/444

🔸ala pecula's track from FCKXMS compilation got featured in downloads section of XLR8R+ webmagazine with a nice write-up about the release and label (few errors there tho) xlr8r.com/mp3/download-ala-pec

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Almost finished with the rudimentary mastering of a compilation that is coming out in few days (yes, terrible promotion window, I know!). The compilation has an anti-consumerism aspect to it and it features some established slovenian underground names as well as couple of completely new noisemakers. M/F ratio 7/3. A very wide range of genres, as usual.

It's called FCKXMS.
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Feeling excited about amazing music we're planning to release next year at

Btw, our last release is a dark-ambient adventure by Lifecutter : Sub Persona. Available as nyp free download and USB booklet.


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Tonight at 8pm CEST (in two hours!) please enjoy our

Rentgen TV Late Night Show

with and .

It's a very special show - we are in lockdown, but we output emotions via carefully crafted sonic spaces isolated from venue.

On the show we'll release Lifecutter's new album "Sub Persona", digital and USB booklet.

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Please watch
and pretok.tv/

Today I listened to the new album material by a local all-female noise group and it's pretty amazing. They've put it together well. Really honored we will be releasing them in November.


Oh, and tomorrow we'll be doing another live stream at 20h00 CEST. I'll post more soon.

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