really obvious case of liberation that was brought on by net audio:

28 tracks on one, and 7 tracks on the other album/release

each track (of those 35) is a full 1-hour recording of a live concert performance from 2015-2018.

this kind of project 'd be impossible to issue before 2000


[ downloads cost £38 and 17£ (£7 /separate track) ]

running subscriptions on

* Bandcamp means I have all releases in one place and a lot of stuff is intergrated and it's all under 'Fair Trade Music' umbrella (supposedly)

* Patreon means that I can host my art works anyplace even when Bandcamp becomes shitty via Epic Games (not that it shows any signs apart from the sale/deal).

for now I'm still on and didn't yet published subs on

is still unable to support artists from Slovenia but dunno if I want to move.

I'm a computer musician making:

⇒ various forms of electro-funk and bass

⇒ ambiental drone, noise and sonic experiments

⇒ expanded cinema & projects

I also:
⇒ do
⇒ run a small local "Kamizdat" w/ boutique physical releases
⇒ use &

support art-making via & (link in bio)

>>This reliance on a single platform places a huge burden on private companies like Bandcamp when they've created a service or technology that [...] has become "a shared cultural utility." So what alternatives are there for companies operating in this space?

"There's no easy alternative to this currently," said Aquarian, "but an artist led, co-operative platform where we have equity and a say in the operations would be ideal."<<

In fact, brainstorming further about decentralized equivalents to could there be a space that would be a collection of loosely connected services but tied to single username/artist name?

-> funkwhale (music releases)
-> owncast (streaming)
-> mastodon (social updates)
-> peertube (videos, streaming)
-> mobilizon (events)

-> liberapay (open source, anon)
-> ampled (coop)
-> comradery (coop)

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bandcamp & epic games 

Talked to a friend who's more into the scene of tech buyouts and stuff like that on a morning coffee.

He said to know what will happen depends very much on why the acquisition actually happened and under what terms. what does Epic get from in the deal?

what seems to matter is also that Bandcamp is actually huge. it's not a small startup for which it makes sense to be shutdown.

but we also don't know about any possible financial troubles of bc

we need to wait.

i'm not sure how i feel about joining Epic Games

"Fair and open platforms are critical to the future of the creator economy. Epic and Bandcamp share a mission of building the most artist friendly platform that enables creators to keep the majority of their hard-earned money. Bandcamp will play an important role in Epic’s vision to build out a creator marketplace ecosystem for content, technology, games, art, music and more."

:patreon: :bandcamp: wrote a Patreon update about special 'subscriber exclusive' album on Bandcamp

yes, subscription comin' soon. that means that I'm suddenly confident (audacious?) enough to be takin monthly support from fans - ?!

new app now supports construction of custom queue with stuff from your collection


i have spent the night editing recording equalizing limiting comparing relistening and it's very close and will be so happy to publish another two track mini-ep on :bandcamp: and :patreon: in a day or so

"With this EP, Zergon outlines an engineering concept in artistic terms, with music that stands on its own. This is popular science at its musical best."

--Maria Ustimenko,

-know artists will always receive at least 85/90% share (on 100%!)
-read features of adventurous music and lesser known genres on Bandcamp Daily blog
-listen to weekly podcasts (with add regular hiphop and metal editions) radio
-buy tickets to live streamed concerts inside artist's bandcamp shop (bc cut is again extremely small)
-did you know some artists can crowdfund vinyl records manufacture via bandcamp?
-they're not based on venture capital


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cancel your subscription to Spotify and Tidal and other exploitative (sweat)shops and make a free account on , download their mobile app and:
-follow tags (genres/locations)
-follow artists
-stream their music
-enjoy discovery feed
-add to wishlist
-buy their music (some is name-your-price) and merch
-grow (and show off) your collection, downloadable
-write short reviews
-talk to artists directly in the community tab
-subscribe to some of them (regular support)


rouge-ah (Urška Preis) is a unique harpist on Slovenia’s music scene. She is also a performance and a visual artist, musically active also in the duo II/III with Nitz (Tine Vrabič). She is frequently collaborating with other artists, recently with members of the experimental ensemble Kikimore.

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: :bandcamp:

08080 (Jure Anžiček) is a producer, interested in modular and analog electronics. He is also a member of Ansambel PRSA. In August he’ll be releasing his debut album at .

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: :bandcamp:

beepblip (Ida Hiršenfelder) is a sound artist and archivist. She makes immersive bleepy psychogeographical soundscapes by use of analogue electronics, DIY and modular synths, field recordings and computer manipulations. She is interested in bioacoustics, experimental and microtonal music.

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: :bandcamp:

Gisaza is a producer, who researches the genres of dub and dubstep.

Umdhlebi is an noise artist, who explores darker themes and ambient sounds.

Although they both frequently collaborate with various artists, this is their first group recording.

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: :bandcamp:

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