what to do with an old audio interface that uses an 'obsolete' connection - firewire

good morning

dog walk

temperatures are down but not too much. it's sunny and fresh, visibility high. like the sky is freshly washed.

and once again i ponder the privilege and gratitude for greenery across the street, fresh air (for how long still?) and life of animals and plants to which i have access.

today came wonderful zine by @helveticablanc all the way from Tennessee! Thank you!

support their art via :patreon: patreon.com/helveticablanc

this is the horror of art on the market and why I hate NFTs.

(btw, I love the queen of shitty robots and her channel. but this is something else)

related video: youtube.com/watch?v=jTE_D217An

I'm grateful to the owner of small restaurant/caffee inside of CND (Centre national de la danse) for running a completely vegan operation by default (ok, probably caffee latte is with cow milk)



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From 19/jun to 26/jun I will travel with a contemporary dance show to Paris.

Some notes from the travel and work will appear here as replies in a thread _mostly_ unlisted.

The travel from Ljubljana to Paris with a van full of scenography was fun but nevere exhausting. We went via Villach, Salzburg, Munich, Nurnberg to Strassbourg, where we stayed the night.

The plan was to leave at 0900 and arrive at 1900 at the latest. Instead we left at 1300 and arrived at 0000.


Tonight at 20:00 CEST

Kamizdat presents Rentgen TV live stream with upcoming producers and DJs dvidevat and Nulla promoting a new digital split debut release titled 068/078-1

This is our first Bandcamp live stream. You can write me with an email address to get on a guest list or support us with a 1€ ticket.

Please join us!


(in your timezone? ->

personal, dog is sick, positive 

the doggo love fully recovered! there's no sign of sickness that she had. her back legs can be weak at times but at 15 years that's normal. today we were back at the local hill with my mom's much younger dog and she was trotting with a 5-year-old dog vigor like nothing happened

I'm quite happy.

thanks everyone who expressed support here on fedi it meant so much, especially some of you who've been through similar vestibular episode too.

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The Feminalz, the troupe that makes 'Technoburlesque: Image Snatchers'.

These days we are celebrating our eighth birthday. And successful streaming where we accepted the challenge and produced something extra special. Soon more.

cw on the image: nudity

tomorrow a very special rendition of M. Delak's piece for 5 contemporary performers called "Just for Today"

if you are into slow evolving art, somewhat aesthetically bare/stripped down, (my) sounds, or any stage art for that matter, you'd not want to miss this. Not sure if we'll ever do this again in this way.

tix.emanat.si (DAMAGE: 5€)

tomorrow, Tue. 20.4 - 20:00 CEST mytime.io/8pm/CEST

full working day. cameras, , sound, stage, . went quite ok. live editing is hard. but I'm quite satisfied. and all involved parties were happy too.

is great. worked like a charm. 1080p @ 4500kbps (+ two more bitrates, 1200 and 800), 49 people watched and chatted, seemingly no glitches. i think that's quite amazing. the uplink was of course a huge pipe of 150Mbps.

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