>>In consonance with the pioneering 19th-century information designer Emma Willard’s conviction that knowledge is most readily received when “addressed to the eye,” Guillemin understood that the fundamental laws of nature appear too remote and slippery to the human mind. To make them comprehensible, he had to make their elegant abstract mathematics tangible and captivating for the eye.<<

Brain Pickings

At the rehearsal trying out video (using ) and sound ( - from which I'm sending OSC to control video sketch).

Also, stage is full of chairs.

I'm playing around with programatically taking snippets from random tracks and experimenting, trying to create different clusters in time.

What you here are two clusters - one is composed with shorter snippets, the other with slightly longer ones. Some of the snippets are the same every time, some of them are not. I'm testing the edge of perception of differences and time.

Some added dark granulation in the background for added value.

Just been at the post office sending another bunch of USB booklets and hexagram'd CDRs. Always amazing feeling to send music out into the world, on its own journey.

I hand write personal notes and often include another extra gift/goodie or two.


So, this is one of the reasons why the whole 'industry' of streaming and digital stores is complete bollocks.

You go into that and want to distribute far and wide and click on all the stores that your distributor enables but then you see how some stores don't report back for more than a year, sometimes even more.

In the meantime, when selling physical on Bandcamp, you get payment immediately from buyer, and for digital the next day.

For some reason, after this article was already pushed lower by new Daily pieces, it is now again on the top of the front Bandcamp.com

Well, thank you, tho I don't understand (doubt there's :bandcamp: writers on the fediverse to explain).

Meanwhile purchases & follows are pinging my app more or less by the hour. It's pretty amazing to compare effects of an ad we did in The Wire (absolutely none) and this (crazy influx of followers, likes, downloads and purchases).

Fediverse, need a quick ID of a material used for small bells in the pics attached - it looks like some kind of iron, and I doubt it's copper it would get red with oxidization. These bells were outside for long time and they rust very little, barely. What material is this and how to clean it best so it shines in its best form?

Please help, please boost!

If I embed a cover into FLAC file (I use for that) and convert flac to ogg with ffmpeg without any additional parameters (ffmpeg -i INPUT.FLAC OUTPUT.OGG) ffmpeg will make an Ogg Theora file where the video part will be just the cover.

For video the max upload limit is much higher (20Mb?) so I can encode highest audio with "-q 10" option and have a nice cover to go with it.

Audio uploads work on any Mastodon instance after version 2.9.1.

An example of an Ogg Vorbis upload. (By default, limit is at 8Mb)

People are buying tickets at the door looking in so I'm playing some code from my album Antigone Child for 'general ambience'

Because the venue is stoney box with only wooden ceiling and shiny floor I had to seriously cut low and low-mids on the vocal. I tried to tone down the first few multiples on axial room modes, but with this heavy reverb and 2 pairs of speakers each pointing in different direction it's just - "keep the gain low as much as possible" on the mic channel.

It's already almost midday, but I finally arrived to studio (used a bike to get kuća-poso) and good morning fediverse! and I open a new tab and tabliss gives me this!

(btw, tabliss is open source software - an extension for ff/chrome or a web version that you can use in any browser)

(yes I know it's wednesday!)

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