pics or it didn't happen?

(it's been few minutes now, not hours tho)

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a train journey from Ljubljana, Slovenia to London, UK, can take 17 hours with three changeovers in Salzburg, Stuttgart and Paris.

perhaps by the end if the month (Tuesday evening?) a new release with reworked music from my project?

by my hero, be my patron!

tonight we are this live edition of Rentgen nightline with myself presenting a new release called 'Technoburlesque - Image Snatchers 3' with some disco-pop-trap cuts. before me amazing .

Also watchout for the actual release later in the evening, mastered by amazing @openmastering with a fully FLOSS chain.


:bandcamp: @

the day progresses succesfuly - already done some customer sysadmin, and drew a technical sketch for some experiement in industrial design (custom usb stick?!). trying to establish some new collaborators - especially ones making laser and CNC cutting in a small workshop and have love towards art experiments. I hope, I really hope everything works out for 26/may!

good morning! how's everyone today?

for most of the day I'll be into preparing my livecoding set for tonight


var snd, dly;
snd =[30,120,60] *!12).range(1,1.2),[1/3,1.1], 0, 0.2));
snd =,!12).exprange(100,7000),,0.5));
snd = snd.sum;
snd =, 0.9);
snd =,,1));
dly =, 0.5, feedback:0.5) *,3).dbamp;
snd = snd +,,,1));

last stop last nap
italian espresso
and sweet pastry again
familiar spaces
all a blur
when looking back

here's the van
now returned

scenography safe
in our warehouse

five days
three hotels
one mountain pass
two seas
four countries
twenty power-naps

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another stop, first nap
intense multilayered dreaming
clouds and sun
no rain
past last four hours mark
plains of northern Italy
415 to go

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a seemingly pleasurable sunday morning, all chill with relatively empty Italian motorways, always great Italian espresso, I have 618km ahead of me (5hr22min by gmaps' calculation)

despite the hotel breakfast including coffee I needed another one within less then an hour of driving

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Safely at the hotel. And Google Map instructions and calculated times were actually quite right. But, what I didn't know that it will take me via high mountain pass Col de Montgenèvre (1860m) with snow and -1°C! It was pretty scary at some point as everything seemes like I will soon start sliding down the mountain with all the scenography in the van... But everything was all right at the end...

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some **ck-up with accommodation (small italian hotels actually close at 22h and cannot accommodate you if yoi arrive later) so - change of hotel and destination for tonight - near Torino.

I'm already past Aix-en-Provence, had a nap and some foos at calm rest-stop (no shops, makes a huge difference). Thunder and rain on and off though.

Continuing into the night. If I make it till hotel at 1am I'm good!

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while I was sleeping
the gray cover teared
and blue sky
and sun came

longer rest (1430-1600) with some food and coffee

french 'aires' (pit/rest stops) are likeable, lotsa greenery and trees, especially between motorway and the parking

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