full working day. cameras, , sound, stage, . went quite ok. live editing is hard. but I'm quite satisfied. and all involved parties were happy too.

is great. worked like a charm. 1080p @ 4500kbps (+ two more bitrates, 1200 and 800), 49 people watched and chatted, seemingly no glitches. i think that's quite amazing. the uplink was of course a huge pipe of 150Mbps.

arrived. notified my fellow modular synth obsessive musician friend who I will collaborate with on this. i plan to write series of patches for it and experiment and see what works or not. i will slap my name on it at the end. maybe just metaphorically. most probably will publish code for others to use if they want. really looking forward to this. i already plugged it into USB on a laptop and it worked out of the box - i just opened http://bela.local and had web IDE.

Wanted to work with buffers. Had something in my mind, a sample slicer, that would chop little snippets from a voice recording and process that in a certain way.

Quite happy how this turned out.

:sccube: source: git.tmp.si/luka/SuperCollider-

:peertube: diode.zone/videos/watch/4804c4


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today's been a difficult day. actually, both, monday and tuesday seem like I completely lost motivation to do much. just want to drink coffee and lose my mind in something mindless.

I have walked the dog today though (and sent a PR text for our next release too), but here I'm posting a nice photo from the walk.

To cherish things I'm grateful for. Nature. Roof and warm house. Electricity. The basics. And calm space (calmer than the last year or two since a change last week in our household).

in :sccube: the recording process seems sometimes confusing. here are few options to make it easier.


The ark/d, amorphic limited edition USB gatefold in all it's glory. Only ~10 left.

USB contains the :sccube: source code and it's shipped directly from my hands from Ljubljana, Slovenia. You'll also get a Kamizdat sticker!

:bandcamp: lukaprincic.bandcamp.com/album

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

In more positive news dept., finally the USB gatefold has been manufactured! While I'm getting the proper 'pro' photos done in a few days, here's that 'I'm-too-excited-not-to-share-it' shitty photos of it. (they are 10€ via my bandcamp).

:bandcamp: :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:


aotearoa new zealand, infatuation 


December 2:

This feels like a finished algorhythic piece.

I took code from a first msg in a sc-users thread started by Nick Collins/Clicksonnil/Sick Lincoln (listarc.bham.ac.uk/lists/sc-us) and expanded it. At the core is the 'least common multiple' - lcm

code git.tmp.si/luka/SuperCollider-


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