Majority of the project is in place. Now comments and corrections and polishing. Getting near the done status.

added two releases to the growing collection of my label's outings to

still some stuff is missing - like cat numbers from 030 to 037, and 039-042 and couple of physical releases. to be added soon! (-ish)

Yesterday I performed Interface Fractures V. (the fifth, the last episode) audio-visual performance/composition at IZIS festival in Izola, at the Slovenian seaside. Really warm and nice bunch of people - organizers and audience alike.

I forgot to say that I'm in Italy, specifically in Fermo area (in case anyone wants to meet for a drink) returning home on wednesday.

Trying out new version of (3.2.1). It has detachable mixer window now. However it takes with that window possibility to have horizontal effects pane under the pattern editor.

But all in all nice stuff.

Here's an overview of new changes:

Performance tonight.

Sound setup rn was quick and easy mainly due to a no-nonsense person in charge of the venue. And that despite the fact, he was notified of his role a day before and wasn't given any tech rider.

Performance tonight. I'm not on stage this time, enjoying a classic sound engineer position.

After yesterday's burial slowly getting back to work.

Here's, finally, home-run bash-powered USB duplication service of album by - digital already out, physically finalizing right now.

These 'covers' for in-ear headphones are disintegrating by liquification. Can soneone tell me is this normal and how safe are they if they just start to disintegrate less then two years after purchase?

I've done a lot in this few hours of saturday afternoon. Cassette tapes are prepared, another glitchy soundscape for the third scene is also ready. Also thanks to .

Ida Hiršenfelder a.k.a beepblip is a Ljubljana-based archivist and -ist. She is interested in the history of media, archives and their disappearance, media archeology, and philosophy of temporality. In the context of sound art, she is specifically interested in bioacoustics and microtonal . She composes experimental with the use of analogue , field recordings, and computer manipulations.


When a receipt makes you smile for some unknown reason. This place in the not-downtown of Ljubljana has *completely* vegan kitchen with very tasty output, has very original and humorous design and food, it smells like hipster a bit but whatever is that these days anyway. I like it.

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