Transport Layer Security EP is out now!

"At the core of these tracks stands an inspiration of exploring machinic polyrythms and how they can be used to blur the distinction of what is really inorganic, or not. Below, however, this distinction of natural organism is a false promise, a blind alley, a dead end. We ... are all part of the same machinic phylum."




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Dear lord, that single s is haunting us now all over the place. This is the correct version of the cover.

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It's a ! proudly presents 20 unreleased tracks from : "Access Frame: Equity".

Compilation series tries to establish a practice of thinking critically about access to, and distribution of, art. It poses a question: what is the frame through which we are allowed, and able, to access culture? How is it created, by whom, and can such frame of access be modified and transgressed?


Food (juice) mention 

Walked the dog. Getting really hot outside. Juiced a pretty uplifting concoction: ginger, grapefruit, apples. Coffee. Ready to go.

(and here's some pics from the new Canon M200)

a development from yesterday's sketch into more frenzied algofunk

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here's a sketch, coming from two tasks

1) I created a synthDef that oscilates buffers with single cycle waveforms - taken from Adventure Kid Wave Forms pack...

2) playing around with patterns again - especially making melodic repetition non repetitive but still repetitive.

(source without samples

we (at ) will be doing Netlabel Day this year - again. It seems we manage to do it every second year. It's now becoming a traditional serie of compilations called "Access Frame". This year's theme is "Equity" (after Property and Collectivity in 2016 and 2018 rspct.) Contributions are collected via a call sent to a network of slovenian music-makers. This year it's 20 tracks! We'll also do live/DJ event with 5 artists and 4hour stream. It's on 14th July!

rerun of 's "Just For Today" performance tonight. We have reduced seating with 1.5m apart (cca).

I'm doing live sound via and , also using minibees (made also by @nescivi) and sensors on dancers bodies.

I created two 'music videos' for "Of Judy Stroat" from video footage from this piece:

more about this (i think pretty awesome) work for 5 dancers:

cc @0ssA

Well, it seems that due to the covid19 crisis we completely missed 1 year anniversary (6.april) of mastodon instance!

I must say I'm extremely happy with our local timeline. The strategy of requiring people to get in touch to get an account proved very efficient in maintaining incredible s/n ratio.

I'm grateful to all of you who are filling our local timeline with amazing music and noisemaking stories of your sound adventures.

Also, to our patrons, a big thank you!

Next month we are preparing a new release at - a netlabel day compilation called 'Access Frame: Equity'. We were quite successful with contacting local soundmakers and it's a 20-tracker of various electronic genres. Today I finished my contribution. It's made with various tools: and portable analogue cassette players.

It feels good!

well, that's the whole night's work. but it's done and I'm happy about it.

also sharing the state of the timeline when the video was finished but with many working clips and areas, before cleaned for presentation here. :)

sorry, can't share the actual video. but it has a funky track (a remix of Four Tet) and fast montage and colorized effect with a hint of vignette

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