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has anyone used linux desktop client and managed to get 'original sound' working?

all guides are showing and talking about [advanced] button under Audio tab in Settings, but my linux app has none. I also tested sending audio with listening on zoom app on android tablet and on it i can enable original sound, but the way it's comming from linux box is still badly compressed and mono.

anyone has any experience or cofirmation re that? i cannot find anything online about it.

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Slow moving ebb and flow dark ambience.

Made with - granular synthesis - in using two selfmade samples exported from Renoise.



Reposting to fediverse-wide group @looptober (follow it and you'll get any post that @'s the group. Amd vice-versa, if you're posting looptober tracks, @ the group, please)

Short time-off weekend at a quiet calm place in the middle of woods, not far from main roads but the quiet is disarming. It's unfortunately cloudy and rainy but nevertheless enjoyable.

Preparing for tonight's performance on 8 channels (here's just two for now) in . It's a 're-run' of improvised composition based on sound installation that was now running for three months in Steklenik gallery <-> @fragmentscenario look so many stickers of yours!


just some variation, mainly trying to find a way to vectorize the sc-cube icon/logo, make it 1bit. suitable for a sticker?

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Shazaming my environment. The intensity of drums in this track is almost industrial.

// how to quickly make
// a drone out of 100 sawtooth
// oscilators in

freq: 71
+ [5.0.rand,
* 0.08


"lush peninsula with ruins & beaches"

-- google maps describing Istria

beepblip's latest 'Noise for Strings, Vol.2' is coming out on Friday via our boutique netlabel (

A very interesting way to sell digital a/v art. I'm disturbed by artificially created scarcity at play here.

i feel so fucking inferior. is this at work in 2020?!?!?!


reading synth secrets, there's a mention of "AR contour generator". what exactly is this? is it just an amplitude envelope generator or something more fancy?

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