In more positive news dept., finally the USB gatefold has been manufactured! While I'm getting the proper 'pro' photos done in a few days, here's that 'I'm-too-excited-not-to-share-it' shitty photos of it. (they are 10€ via my bandcamp).

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December 2:

This feels like a finished algorhythic piece.

I took code from a first msg in a sc-users thread started by Nick Collins/Clicksonnil/Sick Lincoln ( and expanded it. At the core is the 'least common multiple' - lcm




this is my attempt at crossfading from to something regular-ish, simply posting those little snippets and various experiments from Workspace.

So how should we call/tag it? I suggest (via FactMag)


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fixed the code to this one. cleaned it, now it's usable to play through it... (see link in the toot above)


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Live stream of two amazing sound acts, at the occasion of new release by 5-piece all-female noise group Kikimore. Warm up by Gašper Torkar. 20:00 CET at


started from "uh, I can put synths into an array with .fill!", and proceeded to create multi-saw-tooth-based drone with some dust and occasional noise. fun.



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well, that was my web radio in early 00's.

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