Pre-stream is running, so does ffmpeg encoding it, the bash script looping through songs to start the main program at 20h CET, irc channel's up, htop on the server showing extremely low cpu work (for now), icecast tail log... We are ready for the audience in an hour with a great show from 2007.

(best experienced with Firefox & Chromium)

Tonight - a second day of this documentation live stream program - we are watching an almost three hour 'telematic' performance from 2011 we did for online and on-site audience simultaneously.

We start in less then an hour. Pre-stream with some music is already running. Please use Firefox or Chromium. Join us at on freenode (also accessible via matrix)

here's an actual "track" made from three different layers of the pretty much same thing above (Lorenz attractor driving intervals/melody and durations)

learning a lot as I'm more and more comfortable with this amazing language.

I'm looking to creating a git commit over the old code on my gitea instance.

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(designing a little low run zine/booklet for the sound installation in 10 days!)

Looking for organizers of club events in Budapest who would host our "Technoburlesque: Image Snatchers" show on our way from/to Slovakia. Feminist performance art bent preferred but not necessary. Also possible (and recommended) viewing in Ljubljana on Trigger festival 10. April.

More info:

Pls forward to anyone you know that would be interested.

A Small Computer Plays Some Samples Of Mozart’s Dice-Composition Music

"Here’s a pretty great find of early mini computer music, released on vinyl in 1967. It was made by T.H. O’Beirne on the SOLIDAC computer that was produced and used at Glasgow University. The “samples” are of course not sampled sounds, but generated music based on Mozart’s piece."

Trying to get some selfwritten spatialisation formulas / functions going in SuperCollider today...

bass layer, draft. I guess I could build something arround this at some point (beats, strings, chords, progressions)

"compromised" sctoot follows in thread. meanwhile full version is here:

have figured out how to write the whole sequence that was previously done with \degree AND \mtranspose. now this whole thing is in \degree which meant I could use \mtranspose to more dramatic effect. here it switches modes in every second cycle (after 144 played notes) in a series of 3....

+ some more "tempo" improvements...

a 'fork' on sccode:

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had great fun with transpositions within Pbind.

I especially think "\mtransposition" - modal transposition is underexplored ATM.

not proper because code is more than 1000 characters, so outside link is necessary, but anyway.. enjoy.

G'd morning, dobro jutro. Into a new week of exciting challenges.

Mine started with a dog walk into a waking day.

(SynthDef("plck", {|out,freq,cf|,,,0.1,freq.reciprocal,5,cf))*,5,0),doneAction:2))}).add;;play({var;,*0.5,t60:4))});Pbind(\instrument,\plck,\out,b,\scale,Scale.major,\octave,4,\degree,Pseq([1,3,7,8,Prand([7,10,11,13,14]),8,7,3],inf),\dur,Pseq([Pwrand([Pseq([0.2,0.2]),0.4,Pseq([0.1],4),Pseq([0.05],4)],[0.5,0.3,0.1,0.1])], 240),\cf,{1.0.rand}).play)//

in order to programatically generate 100 cards with download codes for albums that are also in form of QR code, i think i just wrote some xml svg code by hand that actually works!! i hope to generate 100 pdfs via a bash script this way and then put them all in final form for professional digital printing. just need for hack around w/ ghostscript now. if it's possible to generate broshures frm A4 sheets than it should be possible to create printing sheet of the right size for prof. printing press

some fun with chaotic generator.

(uncomment the line with Greyhole if you don't have sc3plugins)

// henonN synthdef FM to squarewave //

var x =
5000,,0.2,1.2),, 0.15, 0.15),
mul: 0.2).ring3(0.5).clip2(0.8);;
x= x+(, feedback:0.2, diff: 1, delayTime: 0.6) * 0.7);

some sctweeting there on birbsite, actually a friend Lukas Nystrand posted something but twitter garbled it but i was curious so i fixed it a little


little bit from today's exploration.

imagine plant roots, soil, bugs, bacteria, fungi eating moving recycling...

Majority of the project is in place. Now comments and corrections and polishing. Getting near the done status.

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