did a morning soundcheck, adjusted foh and backline speakers, , mic signal check, all systems seem to be working.

now in the evening — general rehearsal.

@lorenlepton it's a 'Mixing Station' application for android to control the Behringer XR18 mixer/audio-interface. it can control other similar mixers....

@luka that's a ThinkPad right? Does it work well for music? Do you run Linux or Windows on it?

@mindshoot second gen X1 thinkPad. it works great. I run Linux (Lubuntu) with i3 window manager) no fancy gnome/kde desktop environment. its integral soundcard is not too good, but with external audio interfaces it's almost flawless. it's also very light and has a decent battery life.

after T42, and X200, it's my third thinkpad.

@luka I've got an old X230 that's gone a bit wonky, and my main work laptop is a T460P. I'm on Pop OS which I love; the combination is great, and so much less distracting than Windows. I've never had an X series, but tempted to add to the collection, especially if good for music!

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