I'm so grateful for the * filter. just went on some followee home timeline and saw that most of their posts are RTs from birdsite. so cool I don't see that at all.

@luka Ah, thanks for reminding me of filters. For some reason, I forgot about them.

And for this specific one. I'm already trying to decrease my use of that site, and it's... not helpful when whole chunks of posts are just cross-posts or RTs. (It'd be really pleasant if peopled would use Nitter if they need to post to it, and it'd also show that it's a genuine post and that they participate *here* as opposed to purely cross-posting everything.)

@whatanerd re:nitter, I use privacy redirect add-on to automaticaly convert all birdsite links to nitter links. it works amazing. it has other options too.

@luka why did you say birdsite in a post where you also write twitter? Wasn't the use of that word a "don't say Voldemort" kind of deal?

@dualhammers I wanted to be precise what I have in filter but then not use the name anymore. i find using birdsite term fun.

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