me: kinda scared about the (hot, waterless, droughtful) future

me: starting to look at how to move to and work in Norway, Sweden or Iceland

me: "get real! it's 11°C in the summer! and how!?"

me: looking how to visit Iceland next summer for few weeks

also me: "maybe sonology ma in the hague?"

@luka Iceland is beautiful. Icelandic is a great language, but not too easy to learn. Same goes for Sweden.
In the past, I had been thinking about maybe moving abroad again, but I've decided to stay put for the time being.

@luka @andijah @dried @madskjeldgaard @flavigula @oppen I just love how RÚV always has a livestream of the newest volcano activity if there's some eruption.

@flavigula "Unlike Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, the Faroes have no organised Heathen community."

I'm going with Iceland then. Or Sweden. At least they have organised neopagan church.

@luka @flavigula my impression is that the Ásatrúarfélagið (Icelandic Ásatrú organization) is pretty rad.


I'd live in a shack and never go out and see anyone, anyway, so I suppose as long as it's NORTH, anything would do.

@luka heard good things about artist residencies in iceland. The flying thing has a lot of potential for feeling guilty though (at least in my experience, I feel like I've used up my long-distance travel budget for the next five years).

@dried yes, the flying part is also problematic for me in that sense.

@luka Winter time in Sweden/Norway is amazing by the way. It's often blue skies and crispy cold and people get super energized and excited by it here. I found that very cool when I moved here.

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