@SummerSchool Was just trying to establish when to join the talk today and I noticed that

my time is (I think correctly) calculated at




(to be 11:00 CEST)

but your schedule system, where you can very nicely find your own location, shows (Ljubljana) time of 12:00 (so, UTC+3!)

just wanna mention that in case you have resources to look into it.

@SummerSchool I choose Europe/Ljubljana and somehow it calculates UTC+3 instead of UTC+2

@SummerSchool that CSV is correct! at least for my place (Europe/Ljubljana) it states dst (daylight savings) with 7200 seconds. which is two hours which is be UTC+2 and that is correct. but your website is showing UTC+3 for my this location.


@SummerSchool actually, I'm sorry for confusion. In your schedule, I now see, the presentation is announced at 10:00 UTC. which means timezone conversion is correct. but perhaps @dried made a mistake? ("I'm at 09:00UTC")

@SummerSchool Ah I'm sorry, @luka is right, I must have entered it into my personal calendar wrong. It is scheduled for 10:00 UTC

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