I'm sorry but really doesn't work as one would want? I add the notation to the key, I upload the key to the server, but the profile at keyoxide keeps saying it cannot verify the provider. this is not making cryptographic identification any easyer.


@luka it's slowly getting there but there needs to be some big changes before keyoxide really makes the task easier… Working on it.

In the meantime, can I help you with this specific issue? I'm available in DMs or Matrix or IRC if you'd like to, I'd be happy to assist

@luka if this is about the mastodon proof on your Keyoxide profile, the link from your mastodon account contains your Key ID, not your fingerprint. This causes keyoxide to fail the verification. The Keyoxide documentation states it expects to find the fingerprint and not Key ID.

@luka the proof verification logic is about to be rewritten and improved. It may be an idea to also support OpenPGP key IDs, will propose and discuss on the forum

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