Starting to research video-to-audio synthesis software for Linux. There seems to be some solutions out there to make sound interpretations even from live video feeds, but if any #soundart people on here have recommendations I'd love to hear them!

@haverholm during the first lockdown, Sean from Autechre was streaming some experiments on Twitch with a Max patch that was controlled in part by a video - clues on how it might work on blank screens and statics screens. I assume it's using the value (brightness?) of selected pixels to control parameters of the sound generation

@haverholm on Linux, Puredata + Gem could probably do something similar, Gem has an object that allows you to get pixels values


@yhancik @haverholm long time ago i played a lot with 'phase input scanned synthesis oscillator' object in pure data (pdp lib). the object was called [pdp_scanxy~]

@luka @yhancik Thanks for your suggestions! I'll have to look into those.

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