we (in Slovenia) have a citizen id number composed of birth date, a three-digit nunber that marks gender and another unique three digits (no more than 999 births in a day).

the interesting part is the gender nunber which is 500 for male and 505 for female gender.

is this id already prepared for genders 501, 502, 503 and 504? and perhaps 495 and 515?

I also wonder if my id changes if I change gender? If not, why not and is it significant?

@luka I had a "female" number at my health insurance by accident until I was fifteen, then they gave me another one with the "right" gender marker. I always wonder if that was some kind of prediction. :P

@pawlowa @luka in Germany, the social security number contains a three digit number for your gender - but so far, only male or female. The number doesn't change when one gets married, but I have no idea what happens when you are a trans person and change. Might have to ask a trans friend, she will know.

@andijah @pawlowa @luka I wonder how they are going to accommodate people with the "diverse" or no gender marker in the future, and why they need to include that information at all.

@draco @andijah @pawlowa turns out this is still an exYugoslavia system created in 1976/77. I was a bit wrong re format :

-first 7 is date of birth
-AA designates political region/town (5x for Slovenia, x was always 0)
-BBB is consequtive birth on that day BUT 000-499 for male, and 500-999 for female
-C: a control number / checksum


@luka Huh. The Danish model is birth date followed by four unique digits, where the last one identifies your gender — even for female, odd for male.

There is currently a horror story circulating about trans folk who lose access to bank accounts and unemployment insurance when their social security number changes to fit their preferred gender. (Link in Danish)

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