so 65% of about 250 said they don't care about exclusive perks when they are a subscriber or patron to an artist or project. many comments highlighted the desire to 'just support', help artist do their thing. some are even actively looking for ways to not receive extra exclusives in order to not make artist work more just for that.

i think that's quite interesting.

@luka I def feel this way sometimes. There have been times when I got an indie game on sale, then put so much time into it and enjoyed it so much that I either bought DLC I didn't care about or bought another copy for a friend just because I felt like I wanted to give the devs more money.

I'm not a wealthy person by any means, and I'm normally pretty frugal with my hobbies, but sometimes a piece of art is just so good that I'm like, "I didn't pay you enough for this."

@luka That matches my experiences, honestly; I've found that getting donations or not (which that essentially boils down to) mostly just has to do with asking someone in the right way at the right moment, *after* they've enjoyed the thing in question, and then lots of people are perfectly happy to just donate with nothing in return!

@luka (The "moment" thing is what many 'traditional' donation-based things get wrong; they frequently ask for donations *before* you've downloaded or watched or listened to something, at which point of course someone has no reason to want to donate yet)

For me that's definitely true. I generally found them because I enjoy their free content and want to support them to keep making it. At most I want ad free versions of the content.

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