if you are supporting someone or a project via Patreon or Bandcamp subscriptions or any other non-anonymous patronage/crowdfunding/donation platform, what do you want in return, if anything?

Feel free to comment in replies if nothing applies but you have thoughts.

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@luka interesting poll, as I was also considering making exclusives for my ko-fi account but I see there's no interest. Will you let me know if that changes in your poll, please? 😅 🥺

I'll do one of my own too in a few days and let you know as well, if you're interested! :ablobcathappypaws:

@luka in general I want to sponsor (more) stuff being made. And I'd rather have that available to everyone. Patron-first and public release later might be a sensible incentive to subscribe though.

@luka there's one patreon that I mostly support for discord access though. The small obstacle of paying $1 a month makes this a rather cozy and well-behaved server.

@luka I mainly support the Masto instance I have this account on. So I'm not sure if you were focusing on music or in general.

Personally I prefer the idea of being able to do single payments once in a while, or annually. That's part of why I'm not super crazy about Patreon, though I can see how steady cash flow is important to people running subscriptions.

@luka I don't expect any exclusives but I'm always happy to get any and if I need to cut down on supporting people to keep myself afloat the ones that didn't offer something extra are slightly more likely to get cut or bumped down a pledge level as I weigh my decisions

@luka Generally I see it as strictly charity -- I appreciate the artist or project, I want to help defray some of the costs, and maybe keep it accessible to the folks who don't have spare cash to contribute. Having said that, I'm already supporting 10+ projects, that's probably my limit!

@luka tbh exclusives only are profit for the platform. Creators have more work and I cant see how a consumer profits when others can't consume the same piece of content.

@luka I don't support much at the moment, and even though I came for some exclusive insights, I actually don't really often look at Patreon to see what the artists wrote. :,3 (Really should change that and look through the posts.)
But yeah reasons which convince me to support an artists are: tutorials or videos showing how they make things, additional content, maybe a community where one can be in contact with the artist.

@luka I'm here for anything they decide to share. One artist whose work I have none of tells stories about her life and rants when warranted. In most cases I'm there for either the human or the general work they're doing.

@luka I subscribe to support the artists so they can continue making music. Exclusives are nice, but not a deciding factor. The Bandcamp subscriptions typically mean I already own new releases, so that covers my “return on investment”.

@luka If it's someone that I like enough as an artist, I will support them just to support them. But there have been people I supported on patreon because of the goodies offered, that I wouldn't have supported otherwise. I don't care much for exclusivity; I never looked at the patreon content; the ones I got goodies from I felt as though it was basically a subscription service, so I was happy to have the items, regardless of if a non-patron could by them from a shop.

@luka when I had the funds it was strictly to support the artist. I really didn't care about extras.

@luka As I mainly support artists who draw I like it when I get a special wallpaper or a tutorial. But most of all I just like to support the person that makes great art and I want to give something back. I also had times when I didn’t have a lot of money so now that I have a little bit more I just like to give something back.

@luka Usually, kind of in-between. I don't want anything special (unless for expensive support levels), but nothing in return, not even the occacional update, is a bit disappointing as well.

@luka I can't support a lot but for the few projects I do or did I have opted out of any physical perks. because why waste money/effort on that when all the time and money could go towards the creators work, wellbeing, etc.

I mostly feel similarly for most digital perks as well.

@luka echoing others in this thread, I support artists, etc., so they can keep doing their thing. Any time there's a perk I find ways to avoid it. Sometimes I choose the cheaper tier because of this.

@luka I don’t support often, but when I do I just want the project to continue.

If anything give me an early release, or first in line if it’s a physical product.

The projects I do support are internet video channels on floatplane.

I just want these creators to earn a decent living.

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