@luka you tag LinuxAudio,you record on an opensource software ? =)

@rrrrroseazerty yes, I work on Linux exclusively, using FLOS software 99%

@luka nice ! Never had a good linux computer to make a good use of Ardour, but one day if i have the time, i'd love to take the habit to use it.

@rrrrroseazerty @luka Ardour is good for audio, but I'd say only okay for midi.

@andy_twosticks @rrrrroseazerty they made a lot of progress in last few years, I don't know if you've seen the latest versions? check @unfa videos/streams.

@luka @rrrrroseazerty @unfa Oh yes, they've made great progress. I'm on 6.9 -- and I wouldn't know how to use the thing at all without @unfa -- I'm fan.
When I can get organised enough to go to Debian 11, I'm keen on trying Zrythm…

@alinanorakari thank you so much!!! i listened to 'signal to noise' album yesterday night and I love it, it's somehow very familiar and I don't know how to explain why. Very good production, clean lines, depth, and confident persistence with cycling harmonies, amazing!

@luka oh wow, thank you for your praise! I sometimes perceive my cycling harmonies as a shortcoming. I shall be easier on myself

@luka That first track took me back to the o.g. Tomb Raider (up in the mountains)...Very atmospheric!

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