you are not listening (music) because you try to understand what author did (and why and how). you are listening to it because it's telling you something about you and your world.


a very evocative toot. it leads me consider a larger question:
why do people listen to music?

(i don't know that there is a reasonable answer. my thought is that there are many reasons, most of which are self focused (as you mention))

on the other hand, sometimes i do actually listen to music to understand how it was made, but that's what musicians are like ...

be well

@js0000 of course it's just one of possible perspectives. on the other hand, there's some good research and writing - the more accessible ones are probably:

* musicophilia by oliver sacks
* music and the mind by anthony storr

both ponder the question why and how and try to find scientific (and to a degree, phylosphical) answers


thank you

i am far behind on my reading, but it is an interesting question ("why do peopke listen to music") most definitely worth studying further, will look for sacks particularly

my current thinking is that music is perhaps language without words; so the same drives that make us live our lives engaged with spoken/written language (social media) can apply to engagement with sounds as well ...


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