have you seen/heard of a web cms that uses 'folders as database' paradigm?

@luka Apache with "Options Indexes" and custom style sheet ?

I wrote one in 2004 like this (on IIS using ASP)

There was an "default.asp" that did a prettified directory listing (ignoring particular files, and if some specific files existed you could use them to override or add to the default header/footer/navigation bar.

To publish you just mount the webroot as a file system and copy in your stuff, and you can control publishing access with file system acl's to particular users and groups.

@luka needless to say it is a terrible security hellhole .. allowing people to shovel files into the directory tree and ask the web server to execute them.. though that could maybe be fixed.

@kat I'm invisaging a homepage like that with more focused system of publishing. more like a blog+notes+portfolio but based on an existing folder/file structure. yes, php files should not be executed like that...

@luka @kat somewhat related by the blurb generation feature: I use a modified version of this for my own site now and it's pretty fun, but I temporarily removed the blurb part.

@scott @luka hm, that's peculiar how they use the term "open-source" where the actual license doesn't have freedom 0 :/

@setthemfree @luka yeah that is interesting.. "open source but not free" they say. There are a number of other ones after Kirby though. Enoki which also supports DAT for one:


enoki appears quite interesting. Have you in used it or anything else with "Dat"? Beaker Browser also seems curious...

@setthemfree @luka

@flavigula @scott @setthemfree yes quite interesting but i was looking into very minimalistic lofi smolnet mobile tooling without js and dependencies


I'm unsure what you mean by "lofi smolnet mobile tooling". I'd love to be enlightened, though!

Reading through the enoki and choo docs, I may play with them just for learning.

@scott @setthemfree


I was overwhelmed with templates and macros in and . even which is php+flatfile is too much for my taste.

i'm alway weary of anything dependent on NPM or even just javascript.

I'm attracted to simplicity and minimalism. extremely small sizes. as few dependencies as possible. but still mobile/translatable. html+css can get far, but just a bit short in regards of "includes" (header, footer, menu).

so rn:
home-growing own (php+css+html+fs)

@scott @setthemfree


I also admit I'm oldschool. Pre-web-2.0. I could never get into web-apps mindset.

Although I appreciate well writen webapps where they are needed. Like online banking, government online admin (like submitting taxes, national health systems, etc)

So for me, it's still php and css. Maybe a cookie for auth. But no node.js stuff. Already php can break shit. So at the end of the day, file-folder structure is the most time-resilient, it seems. And prob. html+css.

@scott @setthemfree


For my website / blog, I was using Vue for quite some time but finally I became disillusioned with so-called 'single page apps'. I rewrote the whole thing to use Elixir templates (something like old-school cgi or even php) to create a static site. No js is in evidence anymore except for one page for filtering through a long list when one types into a text box.

I quite like it.

I know where you are coming from re: old school.

@scott @setthemfree

@luka @flavigula @scott I once did a very simple website using

Basically html but with includes (using jinja templates).

@luka this was my simple solution it's very limited. it's a static site generator, rather than dynamic scripts. it does what I want excepting rss feeds. I have a separate as yet not working script for rss, of similar shape. it has a dependency. the markdown executable. the idea was to make something simple enough that flexibility would be available via direct modification rather than feature set. @flavigula @scott @setthemfree

@luka I use on some projects, though I wouldn't say I'm entirely happy... But it works for some specific things where the list of needs matches what it provides.

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