cancel your subscription to Spotify and Tidal and other exploitative (sweat)shops and make a free account on , download their mobile app and:
-follow tags (genres/locations)
-follow artists
-stream their music
-enjoy discovery feed
-add to wishlist
-buy their music (some is name-your-price) and merch
-grow (and show off) your collection, downloadable
-write short reviews
-talk to artists directly in the community tab
-subscribe to some of them (regular support)


-know artists will always receive at least 85/90% share (on 100%!)
-read features of adventurous music and lesser known genres on Bandcamp Daily blog
-listen to weekly podcasts (with add regular hiphop and metal editions) radio
-buy tickets to live streamed concerts inside artist's bandcamp shop (bc cut is again extremely small)
-did you know some artists can crowdfund vinyl records manufacture via bandcamp?
-they're not based on venture capital


@luka I have a few friends/acquaintances back in London who're in fairly successful bands/and or run indie record labels and shops, and they've always been vocal about how much Spotify has fucked them all over.

Me and my partner mostly listen to shows on WFMU and then grab albums on Bandcamp when we can; we've been super jazzed to see Bandcamp grow so much in the last few years.

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