Ireland government announced plans for a basic income for people working in the arts. Details are still being thrashed out, but the three-year scheme is expected to offer around €325 (£275) per week to 2,000 creatives, helping them and Irish culture bounce back from the pandemic.

@luka Another fun thing for creatives in Ireland is that _all income_ up to something like 45k is entirely tax-free for creative work, like books or music or (I think?) visual arts. There are worse places to be an artist or author..

@luka I think this is a great idea but I'm not sure it should be called basic income since it depends on having a certain career. Basic income is for everybody. This is just a very good arts grant.

@sixohsix it's also probably not continuous, maybe tied to pandemic, or proof that you're poor or starving or that you have a decline in income idk

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