ok fediverse,

do you know any transgender musicians/composers? which ones? (if a lot, your fave 3)


@wizzwizz4 @luka awwww thanks! Theres also a thread on my profile of trans artists on the fedi! Take a look!

@luka recently: DJ girl – runs label Eat Dis (Chicago)

@luka I think? Patricia Taxxon. Rainbow Road is my favorite album

@luka Some fantastic work from SuperKnova:

(The highlighted track, Goals, is *well* worth a listen)

And then there's Bunny from Steam Powered Giraffe:

@luka - She doesn't do it as much anymore, but Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield did all the music for my webcomic, Closetspace. She's focusing more on electric cars these days, but her music was excellent.

@luka Ezra Furman, Mal Blum, Laura Jane Grace (of Against Me)

@luka Alexander James Adams! You know, the one who did the March of Cambreadth.

He did a very neat parody of it for a furcon too.

@luka Nat Puff aka Leftatlondon,
Tami T.,
Dorian Electra,
Margaret Killjoy and her various projects

@luka a bunch of people have beat me to suggesting Wendy Carlos, so, others:

Laura Jane Grace (of Against Me!)
Pabllo Vittar
Alice Gas

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