if you're genderqueer, nonbinary, or trans person to any degree with a 'movement' from masc to fem:

do you use perfume?

if not, why not,
if yes, why, when and what kind?

(ok to boost)

@luka i never even thought about this.

No, but I like the slightly scented moisturizer I have for exactly that reason.

@luka No. I have considered it, probably tried it a few times, in the period (many years gone) where I was more actively trying to pass, but even then it's not something that I got into. It's not me, and there's no point transitioning to end up being someone who's not me !

@luka no. I'm agender and I strongly dislike gendered scents. Doesn't matter whether they're marketed as masculine or feminine, they just make me feel like I need to wash them off. I don't like to smell people's deodorant or conditioner or whatever either

@luka I don't use them. I like sweet perfumes but I've just never been used to wearing them.

@luka I don't use it every day, but there's this floral one I use (especially in summer) as sort of an armor.

As a cishet friend of mine put it: Perfume is good for doing gender when you lack spoons.

I feel a little awkward about perfumes because most of mine are floral. I really like Magnolia and Jasmine together.

I mean, maybe I'm digging my own grave for not being recognized, but it smells very nice, so I sniff my wrist and think to myself "I am ready to deal with bullshit"


i'm agender and i use sweet perfume sometimes (when i remember lol) because:
- they are gifts and I don't want to waste them haha (and im only given "women's")
- I like the smell anyway

@luka I'm aporagender. I love some perfumes but every perfume gives me dysphoria.

@luka my favourite perfume used to be CK one

then, years after we got together, i came out to my partner as genderweird, she instantly made the connection, for me: the ad campaign for that perfume was: CK one, for a man, and a woman.

anyway, the main reason i don't bother with it anymore is mostly: occasion
i used to put it on when going out
and there is no more going out, because *vaguely gestures at the pandemic*

(also, we don't have a baby sitter. for the same reason)

@meena hey, nice story! 😁

ck one was my ex's. need to test if smelling iy does anything to me.

smells are so underrated.

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