anyone done any foley/synch work on Linux? I'm interested in possibilities of establishing session workflow with editing facilities - so import export of formats that are compatible with video/film/picture editors (whatever they are using).

would anyone share their experience and links to possible floss software tools?

plz boost!

@wendy yes, I plan to work in Ardour. definitely my top choice. but I need to find a way (or at least have some info beforhand) to tell the editor of the video how to export her session/audio tracks in order for me to edit them with as much flexibility as possible.

@luka I once did a small sound replacement assignment using Ardour on Slackware. It wasn't terrible. AFAIK it's the only Linux DAW that has video support.

I think JACK may have some video transport stuff that would allow you to sync stuff? I could totally be making that up.

There may also be some value looking at some of the open movie projects from the blender foundation. It's possible there were open source tools linux-based used there.

@luka oh wait, doesn't Reaper work on Linux now? If you don't mind it being commercial, Reaper would be a great choice.

@paul @luka Yeah Reaper is Linux native now and has good video support.

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