my first fediverse account was on after I had accounts on gnusocial, quitter, diaspora, friendica... but it wasn't until i discovered some weird mastodon instances that it won me over: and many queer/trans and nonbinary folk, some of them reflecting on entitlement, whitness, patriarchy, colonialism, neurodivergence, accessibility, all that suddenly created a sense of 'these are my kind of people' in contrast to fragmented tekbroz posts...


I discovered, and other 'cool' instances. people fought for minority rights, ability to defederate, and moderation tools, talked about mental health, demanded content warnings, and there was a lot of claims of belonging. the humanness and sensibilities existed on these instances. despite gargrons mistakes, mastodon instances were, for me, where a different world was not only possible, but was realised. i finally deleted FB/IG/TW accounts and never looked back.



I've put in some work, started my own instance(s), followed, unfollowed, moderated, failed and kept going.

no space or person or project is perfect, but I'm grateful to each and everyone who left kind words of appreciation, who made an effort to respond, helped, criticised with civility, sent hugs, to me or anyone in the world!

all we need is love (and intelligence. and revolution, and some fun).

peace, and happy birthday, fediverse.

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